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This photo shows colorful images of chemistry with liquids, viles, and Dr Graeme from Concordia

Ready to dive into science? For this year's event, Rheault Farm is transformed into a science lab for a day of STEM-filled fun! Make sure to grab your lab notebook on the way in and get ready to experience all that physics have to offer at this free event. This event is for upper elementary-aged kids, ages 7-12.

Thank you to the Concordia Science Academy and Concordia College for assisting with this event.

Event Details

Welcome to the fourth year of the lab, an awesome collaboration between Fargo Parks and Concordia Science Academy. This year we are focusing on chemistry and some wonderfully colored chemicals from food dyes to bug extracts and we hope you have a great time doing science with us.

List of activities include:

  • Alginate Worms – Making a Biopolymer
  • Cabbages and Bugs – Investigating acids and Bases
  • Exploring Density
  • Alka-seltzer rockets
  • Chromatography Investigations – Exploring Dyes and pigments
  • Rainbow Milk
  • Make a Molecule

We are looking for volunteers to help lead experiments with kids and get them excited about science! Sign up to volunteer here.