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We are delighted to present you with an exciting array of advertising opportunities throughout our recreational facilities. By advertising with the Fargo Park District, you will gain access to a wide range of platforms that will amplify your brand's visibility and reach a diverse audience.

Our facilities include golf courses, baseball/softball fields, ice arenas, seasonal brochures, and even our very own Fargo Parks Radio, providing you with an array of avenues to promote your products or services. We offer a range of advertising packages tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring that you can select the platforms that align best with your marketing objectives and budget.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to maximize your brand's exposure and make a lasting impact. To inquire about the many Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities the Fargo Park District has to offer, please contact Tyler Raymond via email or call 701-499-6090.

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

The Fargo Park District relies on sponsorships from various businesses and organizations to provide quality programs and events. There are opportunities for both cash sponsorships and in-kind services. Sponsorship from community businesses and organizations allows us the opportunity to provide the quality programs while the business/organization is able to contribute to the community and gain exposure for their brand. Sponsorships are available year round for events and programs. 

Our seasonal brochures are eagerly awaited by community members, providing comprehensive information about upcoming events, programs, and services. By placing your advertisements in these brochures, you can effectively reach a wide audience of individuals seeking entertainment, leisure activities, and program opportunities. Your brand will be showcased alongside relevant content, maximizing your impact and generating strong brand recall.

The Fargo Park District publishes over 54,500 seasonal brochures, twice a year to share programs and events with Fargo area residents.  Each child in grades k-6 in the Fargo Public School District receives a Activity Guide, which can also be viewed online through fargoparks.com.

Our ice arenas are bustling hubs of activity, hosting figure skaters, hockey players, and families enjoying public skating sessions. By advertising in these spaces, you will reach a captive audience of sports enthusiasts and families, generating valuable exposure for your brand to the surrounding community. With your ads visible on the boards, in the rink, and around the facilities, you can effectively engage with both participants and spectators.

The Fargo Park District has three ice facilities that house participants in hockey, ice skating and broomball, as well as outside rentals from October through April. Facilities include Cornerstone Bank Arena, Sports Arena and the Coliseum.

Baseball and softball are immensely popular sports that draw large crowds of players, fans, and families. With your brand displayed prominently on our fields, you will be able to target a passionate audience that values athleticism, teamwork, and community spirit. Your advertisements will be seen during games, practices, and various events, allowing you to connect with both players and spectators.

Our five golf courses attract golf enthusiasts of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players. By strategically placing your advertisements throughout our courses, you can capture the attention of avid golfers who are passionate about the sport. Your brand will be prominently displayed to golfers as they navigate the courses, offering a valuable opportunity to showcase your offerings.

The five golf courses are Edgewood, Rose Creek, Osgood, El Zagal and Prairiewood.

Our personal radio station, playing at our pools, arenas, and Courts Plus, serves as a dedicated platform to connect with our community.

By leveraging this medium, you can reach a captive audience tuned in for music, program updates, and event details. Through radio advertisements and sponsorships, you can foster a direct and personal connection with listeners, creating a lasting impression and enhancing your brand's visibility. Fargo Parks Radio has a great mix of upbeat, pre-approved family-friendly music. Best of all, our guests are guaranteed to hear your commercials because they can’t turn it off or change the channel.