This image shows a player skating the puck up the ice at adult hockey.
This image shows a face off at the adult hockey league.
This image shows the goalie getting ready to make a save at adult hockey.
This image shows a female getting the puck along the boards at adult hockey.
This image shows a player skating the puck up the ice at adult hockey.
This image shows a face off at the adult hockey league.
This image shows the goalie getting ready to make a save at adult hockey.
This image shows a female getting the puck along the boards at adult hockey.

Adult Hockey

The Fargo Park District recreational leagues do not allow checking or slap shots. Fighting will not be tolerated. USA Hockey rules are used for all divisions. All games are approximately one hour. Players are only allowed to play in one league. Teams will play approximately 13 games. 

Hockey league for beginners or those with limited experience (ages 18 and older). This is a non-competitive league with no slap shots and no checking. League starts with two weeks of practice and then forms into equal teams for league play. Those with experience at or beyond high school are asked not to participate in this league. Games are played with one hour running time on Wednesday evenings. All first time participants will receive a league jersey. Required equipment includes gloves, stick, skates and a helmet. 

This league did not have enough participants for the 2022-2023 season.   Drop In Hockey will take place for Novice/Lower players to play. 

Note: Rules are subject to change prior to or during the Fargo Park District Adult Recreation Hockey Leagues duration. All Fargo Park District Adult Recreation Hockey Leagues follow USA Hockey Rules with the following additions.

Captain Responsibilities

Captains must distribute and explain all Fargo Park District Adult Hockey League Rules to all team members, and must ensure all players on their team have read and signed the team roster/waiver form before the team’s first scheduled game. Captains also much communicate to their teams that no player is allowed on the ice or in the player bench area until the zamboni is finished resurfacing and the doors are closed. 

Team Guidelines 

A minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 20 players are allowed on a given roster unless permission to exceed that number is requested in writing to the League Supervisor and subsequently approved by the League Supervisor. 

Player Eligibility

All players on a given roster must meet the required age of 18 by the first game of the season for the league. A player may not be on two rosters in the same league, and is not allowed to play in both the Novice League and the No Check League. Players must have read and signed their team roster/waiver form before playing. 

Uniforms & Equipment

  1. All players must wear matching or similar jerseys. In the event of similar jersey colors, the team with less players wears pullovers. 

  1. Mandatory equipment include regulation hockey helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, stick and hockey skates. All players are strongly encouraged to wear full equipment which shall include a full facemask, mouth guard, gloves, shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hip pads or padded hockey pants, protective cup, and a regulation helmet with helmet strap properly fastened. Goalies are required to wear a regulation face mask helmet and a throat protector. 

  1. Helmets must be worn during warm-up and on the bench. Failure to comply may result in a minor penalty. 

Locker Rooms

We recommend that players do not bring any valuables into the arenas, because the Fargo Park District is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items. Keys are available at the office of each arena to lock your locker room during games. 

Game Time

  1. Teams need to be ready 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. Game time is forfeit time! Teams must have 5 players and a goalie ready by game time otherwise the game is forfeited to the opposing team.  

  1. Games consist of three 12 minute stop time periods with a 90 second intermission between each period. 

  1. Each team is allowed one 45 second time-out per game.      

  1. The clock shall become running time if the score differential reaches 6 or more goals in the third period. The only time the clock stops is for injuries and to initially assess penalties. If the score differential becomes less than 6 goals the clock goes back to stop time.  

Tie Game

  1. In the event of a regular season tie, the game ends in a tie. 

  1. During the league tournament, overtime is a 5 man shout out. — Each team is designated 5 shooters, and they shoot in alternating fashion, away team shoots first. If game remains tied, shootout goes into sudden death with each team having a penalty shot. Players are not allowed to shoot twice until the remainder of their team has participated. 

Drug/Alcohol Policy

No smoking or alcohol is allowed in any Fargo Park District buildings at any time. Any player who skates under the influence of or is in possession of drugs or alcohol be ejected immediately and face supplementary discipline, which may include indefinite suspension. For safety sake, players are urged to make an official, scorekeeper, or arena staff member aware of these situations. Possession of alcohol in a Fargo Park District facility is punishable by law. 


  1. A team winning by forfeit is credited with a 5-0 victory.         

  1. Forfeits shall automatically occur if: 

  • A team plays a player not on their team roster/waiver form. 

  • A team plays a suspended player. 

  • Alcoholic beverages are found on the bench. 

  • A team does not have 5 players and a goalie ready to play by game time.        

3.   In the event of a forfeit, teams are given the remaining ice time, but do not have referees or a scorekeeper. 

No Check/Slapshots

The Fargo Park District Adult Hockey Leagues are no check. These leagues also do not allow slap shots from above the knee.  


  1. The League Supervisor holds right to take disciplinary action where he/she sees necessary. 

  1. A suspended player is not allowed on the bench or in the facility for any reason. 

  1. If a player is removed from a game, that player is not to return to the arena area for any reason. The player is to either remain in the locker room or leave the building. If the player attempts to watch the game after an ejection, that player is asked to leave the facility and receives additional suspensions.  

  1. Suspensions can be carried over to the following season. 

  1. A player may request a return to the league after suspension pending written notification from the Recreation Director of the Fargo Park District. 

The suspensions listed below are accompanied by a game ejection.



Game Ejection For Game Misconduct 

1 Game 

Refusing To Leave Ice After An Ejection In A Timely Manner 

2 Games 

Leaving The Bench During An Altercation 

2 Games 

Being The “Third Man In” During An Altercation 

3 Games 

Dropping Your Gloves To Fight - Not Throwing A Punch 

3 Games 

Verbally Threatening Or Physically Abusing An Official/Scorekeeper 

12 Games 

Initiating A Fight And/Or Throwing Punches In A Fight 

12 Games 

Second Offense For Fighting 

Indefinite Suspension 

A game misconducts are issued concurrently with any major penalty.  


  1. Judgment calls by referees may not be protested.   

  1. Protests are accepted only for violations of player eligibility. Any team that places a protest is also checked for ineligible players.                                                                             

  1. Protests must be placed by team captain prior to the end of the first period.     

  1. Players must have an ID at all games in cases of protests. Failure to provide player identification may result in a team forfeit.  

Cost - $10 per night 

Time - 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Location - Cornerstone Bank Arena

Dates - November 9, 16, 30

             December 7, 14

             January 4, 11, 18, 25

             February 1, 8, 16, 22 

Drop-in hockey is for novice/lower level players. This is a non-competitive league with no slap shots and no checking. Teams will be divided with the players that are on the ice. If the score gets out of hand or players leave, then teams will be re-divided. Required equipment includes gloves, stick, skates and helmet.

  1. All Drop In hockey sessions will take place at Cornerstone Bank Arena, 4404 23rd Ave S.
  2. Before stepping on the ice all skaters must pay the fee ($10/skater, goalies are free), read and understand the rules, and sign in on the waiver sheet. (Please print legibly)
  3. Players are required to have the following equipment: skates, stick, helmet, and hockey gloves. It is recommended that players also wear shin guards, breezers, and elbow pads, as well as a half shield or cage on their helmet.
  4. Players must be 18 years or older and can be male or female. Separate locker rooms will be available for women.
  5. There will be pullover jersey pennies and pucks located on each team bench. Please return the pennies and pucks after you are done skating.
  6. At the start of the session there will be a short warm-up for players to get loose, stretch, and warm up the goalies. After that players will place their sticks in the middle and someone will divvy up the sticks forming the teams. If people come after the game has started they can just pick a side (Try to keep an even number of players on each team.)
  7. Game play will be 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 depending on number of skaters. There will be no refs, so everything will be on the honor system. If you are offsides dump the puck into the zone and let the other team take possession. If you ice the puck please back off and let the other team gain possession. Try not to advance beyond the top of the circles (same thing when a goal is scored).
  8. No slap shots or checking allowed.
  9. ZERO TOLERANCE: Absolutely no fighting or alcohol allowed. If you are caught fighting or drinking you will be banned from drop-in hockey for one calendar year. 
  10. If there are a lot of people that show up, please keep your shift lengths reasonable. Guys don’t need to be out there for 5 minutes at a time when there are plenty of people on the bench.
  11. Please keep in mind that everyone will have different skill levels. Drop-in hockey is not meant to be competitive. We are trying to create a fun relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves. You are not playing for the Stanley Cup, so don’t act like it.
  12. Please lock all of your valuables in your vehicle before coming into the arena. The Fargo Park District will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  13. The Fargo Park District arena staff reserves the right to kick people off the ice if they see fit.

Fargo Park District Programs & Leagues

All Fargo Park District programs and leagues are first come first serve. Please be advised, a lot of programs and leagues fill up before the registration deadline. You cannot register for a program or league that is already full. Some programs and leagues have waitlists. If you are on a waitlist, you are NOT registered and are only contacted if a spot becomes available.