Get outside and play, Snow Luge and Tunnels are coming to Island Park! For the third year, the Fargo Park District is constructing a series of Snow Tunnels at Island Park using large PVC pipes and culverts provided by Dakota Underground. The pipes are laid out in a network of tunnels perfect for children to crawl through. 

Snow Tunnels are located adjacent to the Snow Luge. The Snow Luge at Island Park is assembled by packing snow and spraying it down with water to get an icy surface to slip and slide on. The Fargo Park District is proud to offer these unique winter amenities for the community to enjoy the outdoors in a way that is truly North of Normal. 

Provided the weather cooperates, the Fargo Park District plans to have this wonderful winter amenity available on February 6. The Snow Luge and Tunnels at Island Park are free to the public and open for use during park hours