Anytime the Red River Floods, it leaves a mess behind when the waters recede. As flood waters subside on the riverfront parks and trails, the dry out and cleanup process begins. The riverfront parks and trails are very muddy, wet and have silt built up from the river water. Plan for less than ideal conditions if utilizing the riverfront parks and trails. 

As our operations team begins the cleanup process, we want to keep you updated as to the conditions and accessibility of some of our larger parks as of May 10, 2019: 

Lindenwood Park is partially open and still partially closed while parts remain underwater. Currently, Lindenwood Park is open and accessible from the park entrance to the main shelter. This area includes the Rotary Playground, Rotary shelter, bike rentals, and Campground A. The lower road of the park beyond the main shelter is closed as portions remain partially underwater. This includes the lower 3 reservable shelters as well as the Lindenwood pedestrian bridge which will remain closed until the river recedes to 18 feet or lower. 

Oak Grove Park is open, and the loop is clear and drivable. The lower portion of the park is very muddy and the lower non-reservable shelter is closed until conditions improve. The Oak Grove pedestrian bridge will also remain closed until the river recedes to 19 feet or lower. 

Dike East Park has extensive silt buildup throughout. The Dike East Dog Park remains closed until turf conditions improve. 

The Fargo Park District will continue to monitor conditions of the riverfront parks and trails to ensure they return the best possible conditions after the flood. Our operations team is actively scraping silt and mud from trails as conditions allow. As we wait for flood waters to recede further and conditions to dry out so that we can continue flood cleanup efforts, we ask for continued patience with Mother Nature.