Thursday, November 9, 2023
Green background with white Fargo Park District Logo and text that says "Fargo Park District Board Meeting November14, 2023 5:30pm"



The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Park District of the City of Fargo will be held on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. in the board room of the Park District Offices at 701 Main Avenue, Fargo, with President Joe Deutsch, presiding.

The meeting will also be streamed live for members of the public and media to view remotely. Please visit the following to view the live stream:

Fargo Park District Facebook Page

Fargo Park District YouTube Page


A. Call to Order

B. Approve Order of Agenda

Consent Agenda – approve the following:

a. Minutes – October 3, 2023
b. October Bills
c. Red River Trail Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with the City of Fargo and the Bison Village Trail Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with the City of Fargo.
d. Permission to apply for a Major League Baseball-Major League Baseball Players Association (MLB-MLBPA) Youth Development Foundation Grant.
e. Addendum related to the lift station at North Softball Complex.
f. CC’s 1st Addition Development Agreement.
g. Contract for Services between the Fargo Public School District and Fargo Park District for the request to install a Storywalk near Madison Elementary School.
h. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
i. Award bid to Cougar Tree Services in the amount of $76,612.00 for the 2024 Winter Tree Pruning.
j. Request to solicit for bids for 2024 Park District Equipment.
k. Request to solicit for bids for 2024 Park District Pickups.
l. Award bid to Nelson Auto Center for the Cab and Chassis 4x4 Truck 1.5-Ton in the amount of $66,948.00 and for the Drop Side Truck Body Dump in the amount of $34,999.00.
m. HR Policies-Holidays Policy No. 300, Funeral Leave Policy No. 250, Flexible Work Policy No. 159, Inclement Weather Policy No. 180 and Residency Policy No. 150.

Regular Agenda          

  1. Recognition of Audience/Public Comments
  2. Director’s Report
  3. Department Update – IT
  4. Board to consider for approval purchase offer for Robert D. Johnson Building; Susan Faus, presenter.
  5. Adjourn

Individuals who wish to attend Park Board meetings but need special arrangements or would like to address the Board, please contact the Fargo Park District office at 499-6060 by noon on the Monday before the Board Meeting.