The Fargo Park District, City of Fargo and City of Moorhead have opened the Oak Grove Pedestrian Bridge which crosses the Red River between Oak Grove Park in Fargo and Memorial Park in Moorhead.
Improvements have been made to the bridge since it’s closing last spring. The bridge is now a lift bridge similar to the pedestrian bridge located in Lindenwood Park. The lift bridge allows for the bridge to be raised for any flood events, then returned into service once flood waters have receded. Previously, the Oak Grove Pedestrian Bridge needed to be removed manually each year in preparation of the Red River rising during the spring causing extended closure of the bridge. The new lift bridge allows the city and park staff to more efficiently manage this process and create shorter periods of time that the bridge is out of service.
There is still some work left to do on the bridge, but it remains functional during this process. Landscaping around the bridge is planned for Spring 2019.
Oak Grove Park is located at 170 Maple St N in Fargo. For more information, contact the Fargo Park District at 701-499-6060.