Tuesday, February 9, 2021
This image shows a picture of Lindenwood Park.



At the Fargo Park Board February Facilities Committee meeting, the commissioners decided to move ahead with the improvement plans for the Lindenwood Road Project. The project is contracted out to KPH, Inc. and the projected start date is scheduled for early May or as soon as spring weather allows.  

Starting this spring, the Fargo Park District will begin reconstruction of the roadway on the east portion of Lindenwood Park. A new concrete road will replace the failing asphalt road starting just east of the information center and continue to loop around the main shelter and exit out near the starting point. The three shelters that are along the existing road will also be moved to align with the new road. The existing lower roadway next to the river will no longer support vehicle traffic but will still be utilized as a pedestrian trail.  

The existing roadway needs major repairs and its proximity to the river causes numerous closings due to the fluctuating levels in the river. Sections of the roadway are slumping as they are too close to the river’s edge, so this new road will be constructed at a higher river flood elevation, which will result in fewer closures and offer greater access to the park.  

The goal is to have as many park amenities remain active during the construction as possible. However, the campers dump station will not be available until June 15 and shelter reservations will not be available after August 15.  

If you have any questions or comments about the impact of this project, please call the Fargo Park District offices at 701-499-6060.