Monday, May 6, 2024
Photo of a phone taking a picture of Orchard glen park on a chronolog photo station



The Fargo Park District is excited to announce the installation of a Chronolog photo station at Orchard Glen Park, the first of its kind in the state of North Dakota.  

Chronolog, an innovative platform dedicated to fostering community engagement and monitoring environmental changes, describes its mission as “Telling stories together.” The platform addresses the challenge of perceiving gradual environmental transformation by facilitating crowd-sourced time lapses of nature areas. Chronolog strives to make environmental conservation an inclusive endeavor while providing valuable scientific data.  

“The Fargo Park District is committed to enhancing our community’s connection with nature, while contributing to environmental science and research,” says Sam DeMarais, Fargo Park District forester. “The introduction of a Chronolog photo station at Orchard Glen Park aligns well with this mission.”  

The Orchard Glen photo station can be found on the south side of the pollinator garden within the park’s orchard. Chronolog operates on a simple premise: individuals passing by align their mobile phones on the stand, capture a photo and email the photo directly to Chronolog. Instructions for uploading photos can be found on the station for easy access and use. Photo contributions from park users will integrate into the appropriate Chronolog time lapse and facilitate community engagement and the documentation of environmental changes over time.  

While the Orchard Glen Chronolog photo station is the first in the Fargo community and state of North Dakota, the Fargo Park District plans to add additional stations soon and encourages other park districts and public land stewards to consider the integration of Chronolog photo stations within their respective areas.  

To view the Orchard Glen Park Chronolog timelapse, visit For more information, visit or call 701-499-6060.