Friday, March 10, 2023
Photo of green leaves on a tree with white text that says 'Fargo Park District Update Emerald Ash Borer



With Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) confirmed within Moorhead city limits, the Fargo Park District is actively working with city and state officials to help slow the spread of the invasive species throughout Fargo’s parks, trails and green spaces.  

The Fargo Park District currently cares for over 26,000 trees, of which roughly 3,500 or 14% are ash trees. For the past ten years, the Fargo Park District Forestry team has been actively removing ash trees in poor condition and diversifying park tree species to help mitigate a possible EAB infestation. The City of Moorhead has issued quarantine procedures to help slow the spread of the pest and there have been no confirmed EAB detections in Fargo city limits or the state of North Dakota at this time.  

The Fargo Park District will continue to monitor ash trees closely and remove those in poor condition or at risk of infestation. Should infestation be detected within city limits, Fargo Park District Forestry staff will work closely with city and state officials to develop treatment and/or removal plans.  

At this time, there are no quarantine requirements for the city of Fargo, but the following tips can help slow the spread of the invasive species:  

  • Do not move firewood. 

  • Consider treatment plans for high-value ash trees within the next one to two years. Additional information related to treatment options can be found at 

  • If you choose not to implement a treatment plan, consider removing ash trees and replacing them with other species as soon as possible. 

  • Fargo residents who have an ash tree on the boulevard adjacent to their property are encouraged to call the city of Fargo Forestry Department at 701-241-1465. 

For more information regarding EAB and the City of Moorhead’s mitigation plans, visit The Fargo Park District will release additional information at as necessary.