Reports of strange sightings are coming in all throughout Fargo. “Experts,” tell us that Fargo has an invasion of tiny, helpful monsters. These little creatures are hiding throughout Fargo waiting for community members to find them and take them home.
Known as the Fargo Monster Project, this creative program from the Fargo Park District is designed to encourage activity while providing a piece of art for community members to keep. Through funding from The Arts Partnership, local artisans were selected to create monsters for a community-wide monster hunt in the parks.
A variety of monsters are nestled in their eggs and hidden in different Fargo parks for community members and their families to find. You’ll need to keep your eyes sharp as these monsters are tiny, standing no more than six inches tall. Hidden along with the monsters is a card introducing the monster, providing the monster’s back story and including instructions for what to do with the found monsters.
There are 100 monsters hidden in parks throughout the summer. Explore local Fargo parks and be on the hunt to find your monster.