Address: 1955 Roger Maris Drive

Phone: 701-232-3987

Please see COVID-19 procedures below.

Lindenwood Campground

Lindenwood Campground is one of the finest campgrounds in the Upper Midwest. The campground is conveniently located just off I-94, Exit 351 in Fargo for easy entrance for travelers. The heavily wooded campsite is nestled along the Red River, adding to the "wilderness feeling" of Lindenwood Park. Campground conveniences include paved drive, electricity, picnic tables, running water, fire pits, hot showers, restrooms, two playground facilities, bike rentals and bike trails. Plus, 47 campsites are provided with water and electricity.

The Fargo Park District has a no-refund policy on reservations. There is NO alcohol allowed inside the campground area.

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Please call 701-232-3987 to make a reservation.

Campground Open: May 1 - October  weather permitting
Information Center Open: May 1 - October   
Monday 2:00-8:00pm
Tuesday-Thursday Noon-8:00pm
Friday-Sunday 10:00am-8:00pm

Campground Fees

Campsite - $30.00/night include electricity and water.
Sewer Dump Station - $2.00 (free for registered campers)
Outside Firewood is Not Allowed- Firewood is available for purchase at the Information Center. The ban of outside firewood is to help prevent tree diseases from spreading throughout the country. Firewood is available for campers ($6.00/bundle). Credit and debit card payment only.

*If overnight temperatures are to drop below 32 degrees, water to the sites will be shut off that afternoon to avoid freezing pipes. Water will still be available in the buildings. As much notice as possible will be given to campers in order to give them time to fill their holding tanks.

Campers are limited to no more than a 14 day stay per 30 day time period. For further clarification please contact Lindenwood Campground.

COVID-19 Procedures and Physical Distancing Guidelines

The following are a set of guidlines for operational practices at the Fargo Park District's Lindenwood Campground. These guidlines have been created with the  knowledge and information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health officials. We are continuing to monitor the impact of COVID-19 as it relates to our campground operations which could lead to altering or ceasing operations at any time. 

1. Reservations must be made in advance. Call 701-232-3987 to make a reservation.
2. Payment is credit and debit cards only. No cash or checks will be accepted at this time. 
3. Use good judgement when following travel guidelines and restrictions.
4. Stay home if you are sick or symptomatic.

1. The Info Center is closed to the public.
2. Upon arrival there will be signs with a phone number to call for curbside check-in.
3. Staff will bring a reservation sign and key cards to your vehicle or site.
4. Concessions are not available in the park.

1. Camping is only allowed in designated sites.
2. Sites will be every other unless deemed by Fargo Park District to have adequate space between 
    sites to allow for safe distancing between campers.
3. Sites will include water and electrical hook ups, use of the dump station and a firepit ring.
4. Firewood ($6) is available for purchase by credit and debit card. Staff will process transaction over the
    phone and deliver firewood to site.
5. Only members of the same household are allowed in the campsite.
6. No outside visitors allowed in the campground.
7. Stay in your campsite. Do not mingle in other sites.

1. At check-in  campers will recieve key card(s) and operating instructions to access the campground
    restroom and shower facility.
2. Only one person should be in the restroom at a time. Multiple members from the same household or
    parents with young children are the only exceptions.
3. Please be respectful of the one person at a time rule and expedite restroom use, as others may be
    waiting outside. Restroom is private for 15 minutes.
4. DO NOT prop the restroom door open at any time.
5. DO NOT hold the door open for the person using the restroom after you. Allow the door to close,
    so they can activate the lock with their assigned key card.
6. At the end of your stay place cards in the designated slot on the front of the Info Center sign, so they
    can be sanitized for the next camper. Failure to return key will result in a $25 per key charge.
7. Bathrooms by Campground B do not requires a key card. Showers are only available at the main facility.

1. SIngle Rider and Single Surrey bikes are availalbe for rental in the park.
2. All surfaces that will be touched should be cleaned and/or covered before and after use. Plastic table
    coverings are recommended.
3. Playgrounds are open as of 5/21/2020. Bring your own water bottle, hand sanitizer and/or bacterial wipes. Keep a 6-foot distance from others.


Information Center at Lindenwood Campground

Lindenwood Info Center
The 1,860 square foot building includes campground information desk, restrooms and showers for the campers.

Available at Information Center:
- Firewood
- Visitor information brochures

The Fargo Park District has a no-refund policy on reservations. There is NO alcohol allowed inside the campground area.