Come out an enjoy some great winter exercise. Cross-country ski trails are available to the public free of charge. The Fargo Park District offers seven skiing sites throughout the city. Trails are groomed on an as needed basis depending on the trail and weather conditions.

Current trail conditions:

Prairiewood Classic - NA
Lindenwood/Dike Classic - Fair conditions
Lindenwood/Dike Skate - Poor conditions
Edgewood Classic- Good conditions
Edgewood Skate- Poor conditions
Iwen Classic -  NA
Orchard Glen Classic - NA
Forest River - NA
Island Park - NA

Trail conditions are updated as trails are groomed and conditions are subject to change due to weather conditions. Up to date as of March 15, 2019.


Current Trail Maps and Distrances:

To view Edgewood's ski trails map, click here.

  • Edgewood Classic Outside - 3.7K
  • Edgewood Classic Inside - 1K
  • Edgewood Skating - 3.5K

To view Lindenwood's ski trails map, click here.

  • Lindenwood Classic - 6.2K
  • Lindenwood Skating 2.9K

To view Island Park's ski trials map, click here.

  • Island Park East Classic - .8K
  • Island Park West Classic - .8K

To view Forest River's ski trail map, click here.

  • Forest River Classic - 2.8K

To view Orchard Glen's ski trail map, click here.

  • Orchard Glen Classic - 2.5K

To view Iwen Classic map, click here.

  • Iwen Classic - 3K