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This image shows a batter, catcher and the umpire at adult softball league.
This image shows someone running to first base and the first baseman catching the ball during adult softball league.
This image shows a batter during adult softball league.
This image shows a batter, catcher and the umpire at adult softball league.
This image shows someone running to first base and the first baseman catching the ball during adult softball league.
This image shows a batter during adult softball league.

Softball Leagues

The coed softball leagues uses the NDASA coed rules. This is a combination league where males use wood bats and females will use any ASA approved bat. Teams are responsible to provide their own bats. There's also two divisions in this league. The upper and middle coed teams play in the Men's and Women's Rec 2 and above division. The lower coed teams play in the Men's and Women's Rec 3 and 4 division. All divisions play during the May-August months.

Game times are:

  • 6:45 pm
  • 7:45 pm
  • 8:45 pm
  • 9:45 pm

Note: Used softballs are for sale after April 1, and cost $10.00/dozen. 


Dates: August-October

The league is designed to be an easy step down from the tense summer softball season. Games will be scheduled Thursdays throughout August-October. Some overflow games may be played on Wednesdays. All teams receive 10 games of league play, plus tournament participation.

Game times are: 

  • 6:15 pm
  • 7:15 pm
  • 8:15 pm
  • 9:15 pm

League Rules

  1. Females hit with the 11 inch ball and males hit with the 12 inch ball. If a female hits the 12 inch ball her options are: Re-hit with the correct ball or keep the outcome of the hit she had with the 12 inch ball. 
  2. In the field: They do not have to be M-F-M-F etc. They can have a male at third and at short.  The females would have to play second and first if this is how they set up. Same in the outfield. 
  3. Male pitching, female catching or vice versa.
  4. Batters start out with a 1 and 1 count (1 ball and 1 strike). *There will be no courtesy foul.*
  5. Seven inning games, with the ten run rule after five innings and fifteen run rule after three innings. Games can end in a tie if the time limit is reached and the score is tied.
  6. Each team is allowed to bat up to 12 people (10 in the field and up to 2 extra hitters). You may not have more males than female in the batting order.   
  7. A team is allowed to play with a minimum of 8 players. There may never be more males than females. They may have more females than males, i.e., 7 females and 1 male or 6 females and 4 males. (Minimum of one male)
  8. If a pitcher walks a male with less then two outs, it will be an automatic double for the male and the next female batter is required to bat. If a pitcher walks a male with two outs, it is still an automatic double for the male; however, the next female batter has her option of batting or walking. 
  9. Batting order must be M-F-M-F-M etc.  If they have more females than males it could be F-F-F-M-F-M. Two males can never bat back to back.
  10. If a female gets hurt and has to come out of the game, one male has to come out of the game as well, if they are playing with equal amounts. They can replace the injured female if they have extra females on the bench and the male can stay in the game. A minimum of eight players must be maintained to continue a game. 
  11. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the dugouts. (Except in Parking Lot, a beer permit must be with you when you are drinking. A beer permit can be purchased at the Fargo Park District Office at 701 Main Ave).  Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams may be banished from their league with no refund for violation of this rule.
  12. Games will have 1 hour and 5 minute time limit.  No inning will start after the 1 hour and 5 minute has expired.  Games may end in a tie at the end of the time limit.  
  13. Men are allowed only WOOD or BAMBOO BATS that meet ASA standards will be allowed (Diameter of the barrel) during the Coed Softball Season.  (No alloy or composite barrels/handles of any kind will be allowed!) Women can use any certified ASA bat.  All legal alloy bats will need to have an orange tape on them before you can use them.
  14. All other rules will follow the ASA Rule Book.
  15. Home team is the right team on the schedule.
  16. EJECTION RULE: If a player is ejected from any game for any unsportsmanlike reason he/she must sit out the remainder of that night and the whole next night they play.
  17. Roster Deadline will be June 10th. Roster additions can be made at the site. Supervisor will be at sites before your first game.
  18. Forfeits: If your team forfeits the 6:30 game, your next game forfeit time is 7:00. If your team forfeits the 8:30 game, your next game forfeit time is 9:00.
  19. Players can play on more than one coed softball team.  Exception: YOU CAN NOT play on more than one coed softball team on the same night.
  20. HOME RUN LIMIT: 2 per game (all levels).These are home runs over the outfield fence. After the limit is reached, each ball hit over the fence will be an automatic out.
  21. Any player who hits a home run over the fence is not required to run the bases. 
  22. Please call 701-298-6915 ext 4 for any inclement weather conditions. We will try to have this number updated by 4:00 pm for cancellations.  If it does rain after that time an on-site decision may have to be made. Sometimes on-site decisions are inevitable; we always try to give teams some kind of warning if possible (weather systems do move in quickly and just because rain is in the forecast doesn’t mean we are going to cancel).
  23. RAIN-OUTS: The first league rain-out will not be made up. Every team will be guaranteed at least 14 league games and 2 tournament games. Rainouts (after the first one) will be made up either during the week of July 4th or after the last schedule week.


All games are played in accordance with the rules listed in the official ASA Rule Book for softball with the following adjustments deemed necessary by this league and the Fargo Park District Recreation Department:

  1. The roster is due on or before first scheduled game. Players may be added until September 21. Only players on the roster are eligible for tournament play.  Teams found using non-roster players through a protest situation will receive a forfeit for game involved.
  2. Bases shall be 60' in distance, pitching distance is 46'.
  3. 3 balls-2 strikes 1-and-1 count is in effect. (No courtesy fouls are allowed)
  4. No metal cleats allowed.
  5. Seven innings or one-hour time limit from the start of the game shall constitute a game.  Example: If the starting time is 6:15 p.m., the time limit is called at 7:15 p.m. The teams involved shall finish the inning they are in.
  6. Ten run rule after five complete innings and fifteen run rule after three complete innings shall be used.
  7. A team must have eight players at the start and finish of the game or lose by forfeit.
  8. Game time is forfeit time. If eight players are present, game must begin at scheduled time.
  9. Females are allowed to wear softball gloves. 
  10. Males are not allowed to wear softball gloves but are allowed to wear batting gloves or similar gloves.
  11. A team must have eight rostered players (one of which must be a male) at the start of the game or lose by forfeit. A team may start or finish a game with as few as 8 players. Teams may have more females than males provided that at least one male is playing at all times. If any female player leaves the game and creates an unbalanced line-up, the male player immediately preceding or succeeding her must also leave the game until another female player is available to make the line-up balanced again. Replacement players must occupy the same position in the line-up. The only penalty for a female leaving a game is a male player must also leave the game. No out is called in vacated batting positions. When a male batter leaves a game, no out is called in vacated batting position.
  12. Batting order must be male, female, male, female, etc. (Unless a team is playing with less males than females). 
  13. When three balls have been called by the umpire, the ball is dead. On any walk to a male batter (intentional or not) he shall go to second base. If there are less than two outs, the next batter (a female) must bat. If there are two outs, she shall have her choice of batting or walking. If the player elects to bat and a pitch has been made that player can no longer elect to take the free walk.
  14. All outfielders must remain in the outfield, and all infielders must remain in the infield until the ball has been hit.
    1. Penalty: Dead ball, one base penalty, batter is rewarded first base.
  15. Protests will NOT be allowed on judgment calls, only on rule interpretations. Protest must be made before the game or at the time of occurrence. The umpire shall correct the protest or take the appropriate action, and then the game shall continue as a legal game.
  16. Player substitution will follow the ASA official guide rules.
  17. Player, manager of fan ejection: If ejection occurs, players involved are suspended from that game plus next scheduled game.
    1. Swearing or giving verbal abuse directly to umpire is automatic ejection.
    2. Casual Profanity Rule is in effect during all 16” Coed Softball Games
    3. Throwing the bat, ball or your glove intentionally at an umpire, the fence, stands or crowd is an automatic ejection from the game, no warning given.
    4. Fans chipping or disrupting play will be asked to leave the complex area. If he or she does not comply, it would mean a forfeit to one of the teams involved.
    5. Intentionally trying to hurt someone by some act such as sliding with spikes up, body blocks, punching, etc. is an automatic ejection. No warning given.
    6. The manager or captain is the team representative when talking to an umpire.  He or she handles all verbal communication with umpire.
    7. In most cases a player is given a warning for misconduct. This is a team warning meaning the next person who violates a player conduct rule will be asked to leave the game. Although, a warning does not have to be given. 
  18. Extra players: Two extra players are allowed in coed play—one male and one female or two females. Extra players can be inserted anywhere in the line-up. These players can play the field and bat; only 10 players can play in the field at one time however. If a team wishes to use the extra players, they must make it known at the start of the game. A team cannot start with 10 players and finish with 12.
  19. Recreation Department Policies:
    1. The Fargo Park District will not be responsible for the expense incurred due to injury of any player.
    3. Permits can be purchased at the Fargo Park District Office (701 Main Ave) for $50.00
    5. No smoking is allowed on the playing field or in the dugout.
    6. The Fargo Park District and league coordinators reserve the right to suspend any offender on any offense for a period of up to one year for misconduct that would endanger the safety or well-being of participants, officials, spectators or the Fargo Park District Recreation Department.
    7. Any rules or situations that arise not covered by the existing rules and regulations  dealt with at the discretion of league coordinators and umpires.
    8. Two unannounced forfeits (24-hour notice) by the same team eliminate them from further play in the league.
    9. Please remember this is a Recreational League and good sportsmanship should be shown at all times.


Fargo Park District Programs & Leagues

All Fargo Park District programs and leagues are first come first serve. Please be advised, a lot of programs and leagues fill up before the registration deadline. You cannot register for a program or league that is already full. Some programs and leagues have waitlists. If you are on a waitlist, you are NOT registered and are only contacted if a spot becomes available.