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Adult Flag Football

This is a male flag football league with no contact or aggressive play. The league will run for 8 weeks in the fall. Games are 7-on-7 and teams have no roster limitations.  

Adult Flag Rules

  1. All players must sign a Fargo Park District roster prior to playing.
  2. The deadline for roster additions is September 7.
  3. Games are played 7 vs. 7. The games are played with a minimum of five players.
  4. The game consists of two 20-minute halves with running clock. The clock stops on all timeouts and dead balls. Along with the last two minutes of the game if the score is within seven points. 
  5. Halftime is five minutes long.
  6. Each team receives two one-minute timeouts per half and will not carry over to the second half. 
  7. There are no kick offs or punts. The offensive team starts with the ball on the 5-yard line. The offensive team has four plays to advance the ball past midfield. Once across midfield the offensive team has four plays to score a touchdown. If the offensive team does not move the ball past the required positions, the opposing team takes the ball over at their own 5-yard line. Interceptions are the only way the offense does not start at the 5-yard line.  After an interception, the intercepting team takes over the ball wherever the play ends.
  8. The ball does NOT have to be snapped from the center.
  9. All players are eligible to go out for a pass.
  10. This is a non-running league. The ball may not be advanced past the line of scrimmage by running. This is a passing-only league. Double passes are legal, but only one forward pass is permitted per play.
  11. The quarterback has 10 seconds to get rid of the ball before the defense can rush (no immediate blitzing). If no rush after 10 seconds, the ball must be thrown before 20 seconds or it'll be a loss of down. The quarterback is not permitted to advance the ball even in the case of being rushed by a defender.
  12. A player is down when the player with the ball has their flag removed (his/her knee or butt touches the ground).
  13. There is no diving or jumping. 
  14. Spinning is allowed, but no stiff arming (NO PURPOSEFUL CONTACT). 
  15. Only one player may be allowed to go in motion at a time.
  16. There are no fumbles. Once the ball touches the ground, the play is dead and the offensive team receives the ball at the spot of the fumble. 
  17. A player may screen but is not allowed to have purposeful contact. Hands cannot be extended at any point.
  18. Illegal blocking or contact results in a 10-step penalty and loss of down.
  19. No quarterback or center sneaks.
  20. Shirts are required to be tucked in.
  21. Absolutely no pushing players out of bounds or pushing at all. Pushing results in an automatic ejection from the game.
  22. Offsides results in a 3-step penalty. The referee advances the ball or steps back 3-steps.
  23. If a flag comes off without contact, the player is downed where the flag lands on the ground.
  24. There are no extra point attempts.
  25. In the attempt of flag guarding, the offensive player is down where the attempt of the guarding occurs.

Fargo Park District Programs & Leagues

All Fargo Park District programs and leagues are first come first serve. Please be advised, a lot of programs and leagues fill up before the registration deadline. You cannot register for a program or league that is already full. Some programs and leagues have waitlists. If you are on a waitlist, you are NOT registered and are only contacted if a spot becomes available.