The Fargo Park District Foundation was founded in 2018.


Enhance the quality of life in the metro area through the development of modernized facilities, new programs and by offering great opportunities for all in the community.


Foundation Board Members:

Roger Gress, President      Rock Messerschmidt, Vice President     

Rock Messerschmidt     Dr. Jeff Schatz
President                         Vice President

Rust Papachek     Mike Erickson     Dr. Jeff Schatz

Roger Gress                Jerry Rostad               Mike Erickson


Foundation Staff:

Brian Arett, Foundation Director      Craig Bjur, Project Manager     Chrissy Nelson, Campaign Coordinator

Brian Arett                    Craig Bjur                    Chrissy Nelson
Foundation Director       Project Manager          Campaign Coordinator


Interested in learning more? Contact us at:

Direct phone: 701-499-6060
Email address: