Friday, October 20, 2023
This image shows a fall floral installation on a light pole at broadway square



The Fargo Park District and Love Always Floral are once again partnering on a collaborative floral installation at Broadway Square featuring flowers and greenery from parks across Fargo. The piece is meant to be a celebration and recognition of those who work tirelessly to provide Fargo with spaces to gather, enjoy and build community together. The installation can be found on each of the light posts in Broadway Square and will remain up as long as weather permits.   

Each spring Fargo Park District staff plant and care for tens of thousands of flowers and plants across the city. The installation is comprised of this greenery which must be removed each fall as a part of normal park maintenance. 

“We were really looking for a way to continue enjoying the natural beauty of the flowers and also celebrate our incredible community,” says Kylie Kanwischer, Fargo Park District Marketing and Communications Specialist. “We felt like collaborating with Love Always on the installation was a perfect way to lift-up a talented local business and also celebrate and recognize those who work so hard to build a strong community.” 

This year Fargo Park District staff picked flowers and transported them to Broadway Square where a Love Always team assembled and installed the piece.  

“We were extremely excited to partner with the Fargo Park District for another year to take a beautiful resource they already provide and give it a new design and a new twist for people to enjoy,” says Christy Tehven, Love Always Floral Founder. “One of our goals has always been to bring magical moments for people to enjoy and we are passionate about making public art more accessible. This felt like a perfect opportunity to do just that."  

Broadway Square is a community gathering space for the public in the heart of Downtown Fargo. It is owned by the Block 9 Partners (Kilbourne Group, R.D. Offutt and the City of Fargo) and is managed by the Fargo Park District. Broadway Square’s unique public-private partnership has brought over 420,000 visitors to the corner of Broadway and 2nd Avenue in its two years of operation through innovative programming and collaborations with the community.