This image shows an aerial view of Broadway Square on a summer night.
This image shows an aerial view of the Christmas Tree Lighting at Broadway Square.
This image shows people enjoying Broadway Square during a sunny, summer day.
This image shows an aerial view of Broadway Square on a summer night.
This image shows an aerial view of the Christmas Tree Lighting at Broadway Square.
This image shows people enjoying Broadway Square during a sunny, summer day.

Using our brand consistently and correctly is important to us. We ask that this guide is referenced frequently and adhered to when discussing, promoting or partnering with Broadway Square. This document contains all the information Broadway Square staff and each of its partners, collaborators and friends need to know to help represent us. Included in this document you will find our brand story and identity as well as usage guidelines for logos, colors, fonts and the written word.

If you have any questions on branding, messaging or asset sharing, please email

Broadway Square Branding Guidelines

Broadway Square: A Placemaking Space

Broadway Square’s tagline is not to be used as part of a logo lockup. Instead it is to be used alone, in primarily print and web applications.


Using Broadway Square Logos

The Broadway Square logo should be used in black or white when printing or for online applications. Approval is always required before materials are published, printed, or otherwise used for public view. Please send print-ready mockups to for approval prior to publishing, allowing no less than 48 hours for a review and response.

Do NOT create any additional logo lock-ups, unless given approval by Broadway Square management or the Block 9 Partners to do so.

Requesting an Adapted Logo

We recognize that there will be a rare occasion when the logos included in these Branding Guidelines may need a requested modification to accommodate unpredicted circumstances. Submit a request to Broadway Square Management and Marketing Team ( for approval, including a brief justification for the requested change. This submission should be made no less than 30 days out from the intended use/application.

Co-Production Logo Use/Recognition

When co-producing an event with Broadway Square, logos of both/all producing entities should be included side-by-side on all marketing materials, in equal sizes and typically with the text “Co-Produced By” above.

View the Branding Guidelines to view the logos, typography and colors for Broadway Square. 

Broadway Square works to convey our values in action as we share the stories and accomplishments of The Square. In an effort to create an evolving dialogue with our community, we focus on the themes of engaged community members, collaborations, placemaking efforts and activations, inclusive amenities, urban design and various methods of storytelling through art.


Photographs included in Broadway Square’s official branding, marketing, and social media materials are high-quality, vibrant images with a story to tell. We strongly value images that share a story, capture a meaningful moment, or convey someone’s unique artistic voice. Photos featuring people of all ages, races, abilities, talents, and walks of life engaged with some aspect of Broadway Square are encouraged.


Broadway Square utilizes carefully crafted video stories as well as on-the-fly video interviews, programming snapshots, and video featurettes of The Square and its offerings to share our brand’s efforts and accomplishments with the public. When shooting video for The Square, it’s important to highlight the diversity of the features and opportunities available at Broadway Square, as well as the broad range of public who are experiencing and utilizing Broadway Square.

Design Shape

The shape of a square is to be used thematically on Broadway Square’s marketing materials, rather than that of a circle or rectangle. Broadway Square’s print materials including business cards, posters, brochures etc. are to be shaped in a square-like fashion, rather than the traditional rectangular one whenever possible.


Broadway Square

“Broadway Square” is the official name of Fargo’s Broadway Square civic plaza, and a proper noun. Please, do NOT refer to us as The Broadway Square – similar to Starbucks or Target.

Fargo Broadway Square and FBS

“Fargo Broadway Square” should be used when referring to our website, social media accounts, or as a hashtag (as those are, @FargoBroadwaySquare, and #FargoBroadwaySquare) or in the case of geographically delineating our Broadway Square from other geographical Broadway Squares (such as the one in Tyler, TX). “FBS” can be used when an extremely shortened version of our name is needed and “The Square” doesn’t work or is too long. Under no circumstances should “BS” be used as a shortened version of “Broadway Square.”

Square vs. Plaza

Following the long tradition of “town squares,” Broadway Square should be referred to as a square, and not a plaza, park, amphitheater, etc.

The Square

When referring to Fargo’s Broadway Square repeatedly and in familiar and fond terms, we do so by calling it “The Square.” Please note “The” and “Square” should always be capitalized in this context, making it a proper noun, with a modicum of respect.

"At The Square"

When referring to events occurring at Broadway Square, use the phrase “at The Square” or “at Broadway Square.” Do NOT use “in the Square” or “on the Square,” for the purpose of consistency.


Writing For & About FBS

AP Style

Broadway Square uses the Associated Press guidelines to consistently shape our message. Please refer to the most recent Associated Press Style Guide:


Broadway Square’s voice is one of bold authenticity, inclusion, and respect, with the occasional streak of playfulness. We aim to be professional, knowledgeable, approachable, fun and welcoming to all.

The Square

Please review ALL verbiage requests listed above, but in a snapshot summary, we ask that people generally refer to our space as “Broadway Square” or “The Square” in daily communication, and “Fargo Broadway Square” when delineating Fargo’s Broadway Square from other geographically remote Broadway Squares.


Omit “https://www.” when referring to our website in copy. Visit (mixed cases) for more information. If a link is longer or more complicated than just (etc.),use an embedded or shortened link instead of writing it out.

Keep it Simple

Be clear and brief. Always make the language simple, inclusive, and easy to understand,yet true to the message that you are trying to convey.