The Fargo Park District, City of Fargo and City of Moorhead are teaming up to provide pedestrians and bicyclists in the metro with an improved option for crossing the Red River. A new pedestrian bridge crossing the Red River will be installed to replace the existing pedestrian bridge between Oak Grove Park in Fargo and Memorial Park in Moorhead. The construction of the new bridge will cause the current crossing at Oak Grove Park to be unavailable until the new bridge is completed in Fall of 2018.
The new bridge to be installed is a lift bridge similar to the pedestrian bridge located in Lindenwood Park. The lift bridge allows for the bridge to be raised for any flood events than returned into service once flood waters have receded. The existing bridge at Oak Grove Park is typically removed manually each year in preparation of the Red River rising during the spring. The new lift bridge will allow city and park staff to more efficiently manage this process. By having a lift style bridge, it also means the bridge will be out of order for shorter periods of time surrounding flood events.
The Fargo Park District and City of Moorhead will remove the existing pedestrian bridge at Oak Grove the week of February 5. The exact date of removal is weather dependent. Construction on the new lift bridge could begin as early as February 5 and will continue through summer. Construction will be suspended during spawning season, mid-March through mid-June, so as to not interrupt fish migration and wild life. The expected completion of the project is not until Fall of 2018.
Those wishing to use the Oak Grove bridge are encouraged to plan for alternate routes. The nearest river crossings are the 12th Ave N bridge to the North and the 1st Ave N bridge to the south.
Oak Grove Park is located at 170 Maple St N in Fargo. For more information, contact the Fargo Park District at 701-499-6060.