Due to Spring river levels fluctuating with snow melt and rain, the Fargo Park District will raise the Lindenwood pedestrian lift bridge any time the river reaches a level of 18 feet. An updated river forecast released earlier this week, predicted the river to rise to a level of 20 feet by Monday. This river level requires the Lindenwood lift bridge to be raised in order to avoid flooding.

The bridge links Lindenwood Park in Fargo with Gooseberry Park in Moorhead. The bridge will remain out of use until river levels subside. Those who use the bridge should plan for an alternate route. Currently, the closest pedestrian crossing is the Main Avenue Bridge.

As announced previously, the Oak Grove Pedestrian Bridge is currently out of service as the construction on the new lift bridge is underway. The Oak Grove crossing is scheduled to be unavailable until Fall of 2018, with construction needing to be suspended during spawning season so as to not interrupt fish migration and wild life

Lindenwood Park is located at 1955 Roger Maris Drive in Fargo.  For more information contact the Fargo Park District at 701-499-6060.