Uniquely Fargo: Winter WarriorsGeneral Rules and Information:

Specific rules have been developed for each event and are included below. General rules and eligibility requirements are provided below.

  1. Teams can include up to 8 people although not all team members will compete in all activities. It is at the discretion of individual teams who will compete in which events.  A minimum of eight people is required to compete in all events.  All team members must be 18+.
  2. Team members can represent only one team.
  3. Uniquely Fargo: Winter Warriors is intended to provide a fun, fair competition. Unsportsmanlike conduct could result in the removal of an individual or team.
  4. All participants must sign the "Participation Waiver Form" as written, which will be emailed upon registration. All waivers must be turned in to the Fargo Park District or emailed to jkorynta@fargoparks.com by Tuesday, January 21. If you need to make roster changes, you can do so on the day of the event at the registration table at Edgewood. Your team will be ineligible if you do not turn in a complete, signed waiver before the competition starts on January 25.
  5. Final registration is due January 20, 2020, and no refunds for cancellations will be offered after this date. 
  6. Should there be an overall tie, there will be a tie-breaking game following the final event.
  7. All games are monitored. If games get out of hand, it will result in a forfeited game. Second offenses will result in the offending individual to be barred from participating in the remainder of the event.
  8. Should the event be canceled due to unsafe weather conditions (sustained air temperature of -10°F or sustained wind chill of -30°F), all teams will receive a refund.
  9. For any questions or concerns please contact, Jessica Korynta at 701-499-7782 or jkorynta@fargoparks.com.

Events Rules and Information:

Human Curling

  1. The game consists of 3 ends and each end has 6 "stones" played per team.
  2. Each team has the hammer (the last stone of the end) for one of the first two ends. The team to be awarded the hammer for the final end is determined by a single game of rack-paper-scissors. 
  3. During each end, 6 team members serve as a stone (sitting on a saucer sled) and the 7th team member is the thrower ( aim the stone and give them a push towards the house). Should a team not have 7 members, team members may take multiple runs as a stone.
  4. After the stone has made it to the house, the player leaves the sled behind and exit the house. Then, the other team has its turn.
  5. The main goes on the curling is to score more stones closer to the center of the target than your opponent's nearest stone. Only one team can score per end and each stone is worth one point, so the maximum points a team can score in a period of play is six points.
  6. After all the stones are played in one end, the score is tallied, and the next end begins. The team that had the hammer in the first end throws the first stone in the second end.
  7. After all three ends are played, the total score is tallied, and the winning team with the most total points is declared the winner.
  8. Scoring: Teams compete in three ends. The team with the highest cumulative score is declared the winner.
        • Winner: 300 points
        • Loser: 100 points
        • In the event of a tie: both teams are awarded 200 points


  1. Each team consists of 6 players
  2. At the start of each period, each team's "snowballs" are places behind their backline. Only the "snowballs" provided may be used and teams are not allowed to create any additional snowballs.
  3. Teams line up along their backline holding no more two "snowballs". Play begins when the whistle is blown. Any players committing a false start is declared "out" for that period.
  4. Players proceed towards the opposing end with the goal of capturing their opponent's flag. Only 3 members of a team may cross the center line into the opposing zone at a time.
  5. Players attempt to hit opposing players with their "snowballs". Anyone being hit by a "snowball" is out and remain out for the rest of the game.
        • Should a player hit an opposing player with a "snowball", the teammate is out. 
        • Should a player hit a teammate with a "snowball", the teammate is out. This includes while trying to transfer "snowballs" among teammates. "Snowballs" must be handed off (with both player's hands on the "snowball" simultaneously) or rolled.
        • Should players from both teams strike each other simultaneously, both players are out.
        • Any player who receives a "snowball" from an ousted player is out.
  6. In addition to the above list, players committing the following penalties are deemed out:
        • Any player who makes or uses an unauthorized snowball
        • Any player crossing out of bounds
        • Any player behaving in an unsafe manner
        • Any player who crosses into the opponent's zone if 3 teammates are already in the zone
  7. Once a player is out, they remain out for the rest of that period but can return to subsequent periods.
  8. Players are able to throw any "snowball" on the ground regardless of which team they originally belong to.
  9. At the end of the three-minute period, game points are assigned as follows:
        • If a team captures and returns with an opponent's flag or hits all opposing team members with "snowballs" = 10 points 
        • If neither of the above occurs, each team receives 1 point for the number of players remaining
  10. Scoring: Teams compete in three 3-minute periods. The team with the most game points at the end of the match is declared the winner.
        • Winner: 300 points
        • Loser: 100 points
        • In the event of a tie: both teams are awarded 200 points


  1. Teams consist of 6 participants.
  2. Only the last puller in line may wrap the rope around his/her body.
  3. Gloves are recommended but not provided. In addition, the last puller in the line may wear YakTrax which is provided.
  4. No substitutions are allowed during pulls.
  5. Each match will last no longer than 30 seconds-once the first member of the defeated team is pulled across the center starting line, the opposing team wins.
  6. Scoring: Teams compete in three 30 second rounds. The first team to win two rounds is declared the winner
        • Winner: 300 points
        • Loser: 100 points

Ice Pool

  1. Teams consist of 4 participants.
  2. A coin-toss determines who breaks
  3. If during the break, the cue ball or 8-ball goes into a pocket, the balls are re-racked and the opposing team breaks.
  4. Play proceeds with one member of a team kicking the cue ball towards an object ball with the goal of getting the object ball through one of the pockets. The first team to get an object ball through the pockets determines who is stripes and solids.
  5. A player continues to kick shots until they foul (sinking the cue, 8, or opposing team's ball) or fail to sink an object ball. Then, it is the opposing player's turn.
  6. Play continues as such alternating between teams and rotating through players on each team until the game ends.
  7. Should a player sink the cue-ball during their turn, the opposing team is able to position the cue ball anywhere on the play space behind the designed line.
  8. The game ends when:
        • A team has sunk all of their object balls and then, sinks the 8-ball last in the pocket they have designated prior to taking the shot. Resulting in their win.
        • A team has sunk all of their object balls and then, sinks the 8-ball in a pocket other than the one they called. Resulting in the opposing teams win.
        • A team sinks the 8-ball prior to sinking all of their object balls. Resulting in the opposing teams win.
  9. When attempting to sink the 8-ball prior to sinking all of the team's object balls have been cleared, the team may choose which player they would like to take the shot regardless of where they are in rotation.
  10. Scoring: The team to clear the rink of their pool balls and the 8-ball first is declared the winner. The winner may also be declared if a team fouls or sinks the 8-ball early.
        • Winner: 300 points
        • Loser: 100 points


*Rules are subject to change. They may be adjusted by events coordinators as they deem necessary.

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