Fargo Parks and Recreation Staff Directory


Dave Leker Executive Director of Fargo Park District dleker@fargoparks.com 701-499-6073
Tara Nielsen Executive Assistant tnielsen@fargoparks.com 701-499-6077

Courts Plus Community Fitness

Kelly Kisell Club Manager kkisell@courtsplus.org 701-237-4805
Wayne Herrick Programs Manager wherrick@courtsplus.org 701-237-4805
Oliver Summers Tennis Manager osummers@courtsplus.org 701-237-4805
Crystal Howes Child Care Supervisor chowes@courtsplus.org 701-237-4805
Pane Babic Accountant I pbabic@courtsplus.org 701-237-4805


Carolyn Boutain Enterprise Director cboutain@fargoparks.com 701-499-6075
Katie McCormick Marketing / Communications Manager kmccormick@fargoparks.com 701-499-7780
Sam Larson-Frobig Enterprise Manager (Lindenwood & Concessions) slarson-frobig@fargoparks.com 701-499-7781
Chad Pfau Concession Supervisor cpfau@fargoparks.com  
Kayle Oliver Marketing Communications Specialist koliver@fargoparks.com 701-551-5892
Pace Maier Marketing Communications Specialist pmaier@fargoparks.com 701-551-7783
Cindy Norquist Administrative Specialist cnorquist@fargoparks.com 701-499-7792


Dave Klundt Assistant Director of Programming & Facilities (Pools) dklundt@fargoparks.com 701-499-6087
Jessica Korynta Events Specialist jkorynta@fargoparks.com 701-499-7782
Stephanie D'Ambrosio Events Specialist sdambrosio@fargoparks.com 701-551-5880


Tyson Lund Finance Director tlund@fargoparks.com 701-499-6072
Deanna Magnuson Accountant II dmagnuson@fargoparks.com 701-499-6080
Kris Creech Accounting Manager kscreech@fargoparks.com 701-499-6079
Kristy Soular Accountant I ksoular@fargoparks.com 701-499-6082
Stephanie Bares Accounting Clerk sbares@fargoparks.com 701-499-6081

Golf Courses

Greg McCullough Golf Professional Edgewood/El Zagal gregm@pga.com 701-232-2824
Jason Spitzner Golf Course Superintendent Edgewood/El Zagal jspitzner@fargoparks.com 701-293-5493
Lisa Schwinden Golf Professional Osgood lisas@pga.com 701-356-3070
Victor Heitkamp Golf Course Superintendent Osgood vheitkamp@fargoparks.com 701-850-7881
Matt Cook Golf Professional Rose Creek/Prairiewood mcook@pga.com 701-235-5100
Eric Hansen Golf Course Superintendent Rose Creek/Prairiewood ehansen@fargoparks.com 701-866-4515

Human Resources

Diane Jones HR Manager djones@fargoparks.com 701-499-6085
Stacy Kruger Benefits and Compensation Supervisor skruger@fargoparks.com 701-499-6078
Amy Rasmussen Payroll Assistant arasmussen@fargoparks.com 701-499-6076


Dave Bietz Operations Director dbietz@fargoparks.com 701-551-5899
Matt Braun Park Foreman mbraun@fargoparks.com 701-551-5888
Tyler Kirchner Landscape Architect/Project Manager tkirchner@fargoparks.com 701-551-5882
Sam DeMarais Forester sdemarais@fargoparks.com 701-212-0838
Jodi Buzick Administrative Specialist jbuzick@fargoparks.com 701-499-7778
Gail Petersen Receptionist/Office Assistant gpetersen@fargoparks.com 701-551-5891
Sam Petersen Sports Turf Manager/Arena Supervisor spetersen@fargoparks.com 701-219-1851
Greg Haberman Horticulturist ghaberman@fargoparks.com 701-388-6453

Programming & Facilities

Kevin Boe Programming & Facilities Director kboe@fargoparks.com 701-551-5885
Tyler Raymond Sales Representative traymond@fargoparks.com 701-499-6090
Jeff Heisler Programming Manager jheisler@fargoparks.com 701-499-6088
Craig Bjur Programming Supervisor cbjur@fargoparks.com 701-356-1444
Randi Litchy Programming Supervisor rlitchy@fargoparks.com 701-499-6089
Dean Ambuehl Facility Manager dambuehl@fargoparks.com 701-551-5881
Shawn Ludwig Facility Scheduling Coordinator sludwig@fargoparks.com 701-499-6091
Bekey Hicks Administrative Assistant bhicks@fargoparks.com 701-499-6060
Becky Bjornson Administrative Assistant rbjornson@fargoparks.com 701-499-6060
Marcy Brush Administrative Specialist mbrush@fargoparks.com 701-499-7788

Valley Senior Services

Brian Arett Valley Senior Services Director barett@valleyseniors.org 701-356-1420
Bernie Johnson Outreach Manager bjohnson@valleyseniors.org 701-356-1422
Paul Grindeland Transit Manager pgrindeland@valleyseniors.org 701-356-1421
Shannon Lang Nutrition Manager slang@valleyseniors.org 701-356-1438

General Information

After Hours Emergency     701-476-4088
Questions or Help* General Information   701-499-6060