Schedules for your league will be posted approximately one week before your league starts.

Winter 18-19 Rules

Standings -  Updated 12/7/18

Winter Players List - Players looking for a team!

Blank Roster - Please print roster and bring completed to your first match. Rosters should be turned into referees the first night!


Coed Lower-Middle League

Monday -

Coed Lower League

Coed Middle Red League - Revised on 11-9-18 (Times were adjusted on Dec. 3rd)

Coed Middle Blue League - Revised on 11-9-18 (Some matches on Dec. 3rd were moved to Dec. 17th)

Coed Upper League

Tuesday -

Coed Lower League - Revised on 11-9-18 (Matches on Dec. 11th have been moved to Jan. 22nd)

Coed Middle League

Coed Upper League

Wednesday -

Women's Rec League

Women's Lower Red League

Women's Lower Blue League

Women's Middle Red League

Women's Middle Blue-Green/Upper League

Thursday -

Coed Lower League - Revised on 11-9-18 (Matches on Nov. 29th have been moved to Jan. 31st)

Coed Middle Red League

Coed Middle Blue League