1. Children nine years old (9) and older are allowed at the pool without being accompanied by an adult or a competent person at least 16 years of age.

2. Goggles are permitted provided they are properly used. The goggles must have non-breakable lenses. Snorkels, Facemasks, and swim fins are not permitted.                       

3. Diving is only allowed in water 9 feet or deeper.                                     

4. Running, back dives, flips, handstands, cannonballs, can openers, twists or cartwheels when going off the deck is prohibited.

5. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted inside the pool area or on the property.                         

6. Food and drink may be purchased from the concessions and remain in the food court. No outside food or drink is allowed. Water may be brought in from outside if in a plastic bottle.                             

7. Inner tubes, floaties, balls or other flotation devices are not permitted during general admission hours. Life jackets may be used if they are US Coast Guard approved and fit properly. They must be used properly.             

8. Street clothes in the pool including shoes, T-shirts, etc. are not permitted (sunburns are not an exception).                  

9. Visiting with lifeguards is not permitted. If you have a rule question, ask a pool manager or a guard on break.

10. Aggressive or rough play among pool patrons is not permitted. Throwing and pushing of other individuals is not permitted. Sitting or standing on another person’s back or shoulders is not permitted.

11. Foul language or cursing is not permitted.

12. Unnecessary splashing including splash dives from the edge is not permitted.

13. Children who are tall enough to go down the waterslides are not permitted to be on the play structures or smaller slides.

14. Strollers are not permitted in the pool area.

15. Patrons who are not fully toilet trained must wear a waterproof swim diaper.

16. Any use of cameras or camcorders by patrons must be approved by management.           

17. Pool managers may eject persons from the pool area for a cause.

Diving Board Pool Pules: (Island Park Pool Only)

1. Jump or dive straight off the boards. Enter the diving area from the board only.

2. Swim directly to the ladders.

3. Use the appropriate ladder, NOT the pool edge when exiting the pool.

4. One bounce off of the diving board.

5. Handstands, seat drops, or other dangerous stunts are not permitted.

6. Lifejackets are not permitted when going off the boards.


Waterslide Rules:

1. Must be at least 42 inches tall at Southwest Recreational Pool and Northside Recreational Pool. Must be at least 48 inches tall at Davies Recreational Pool. These heights are manufacturers requirements

2. Must go down feet first on your bottom.

3. NO turning or rolling is allowed while going down the waterslide.

4. Swimmers are not permitted down the waterslide until the lifeguard informs you to do so.

5. Life jackets or goggles are not permitted on the waterslide.

6. Parents are not permitted to catch children at the bottom of the waterslide, they must wait on deck.


Wading Pool Rules:

1. Children who are tall enough to go down the waterslides are not permitted to be on the play structures or smaller slide.

2. Adults and youth who are supervising young children should remain at the pool edge and are responsible for the actions of the child/children.


Play Structure Rules: 

1. Children who are tall enough to go down the waterslides are not permitted to be on the play structures or smaller slide.

2. Must go down slide feet first on your bottom.

3. Only one person allowed to go down the slide at a time.

4. Sitting or pushing on geysers or hanging on ropes is not permitted.

5. Running through shallow water is not permitted.

6. Walking in front of the slide or swimming in roped off areas is not permitted.


Adult and Family Swim Rules: (These rules only apply during adult and family swim time)

1. Extra apparatus such as fins, snorkels, and shatterproof masks will be allowed in the pool area. Lifejackets must remain Coast Guard approved.

2. Squirt guns are NOT allowed.


Deck Chair Policy: Deck chairs are provided. Please do not move the deck chairs. If you have a request please ask the pool manager. Exception If you have an accessibility issue and need to bring in your own deck chair please see management for approval and placement.

Aquatic Dress Code:

Aquatics Dress Code