Lately, we've been at spending a lot of time at home with our family and our pets. This week we're celebrating Pet Week, talking all things pets, parks and people's best friends. Are you looking for ways to keep your pets occupied while everyone's at home? Try out these DIY pet toys.

DIY Ball & Tug Dog Toy

  1. Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface. Cut 2 pieces that are about 5-6 inches wide and a thinner strip about 2 inches wide. Once you cut up your T-shirt, you will end up with 3 tube-like pieces. Snip each of them at one of the ends to make them into long straps.
  2. Lay the 2 wide strips in the shape of an X, and place a tennis ball in the middle.
  3. Wrap the ball with all the layers and gather the strips at the bottom of the ball. Take your skinny strip and tie a tight double knot to secure the fabric-wrapped ball. Now you should have four wide strips hanging from the base of your ball
  4. Take 1 of the 4 wide strips and separate it from the rest. Cut this piece into 3 even sections. Braid the 3 newly cut strips and then tie the ends with 1 of the strips. Repeat this on the remaining strips of cloth.

DIY No Sew Pet Bandana

  1. Cut a t-shirt or piece of fabric in a triangle large enough to loosely fit around your pet's neck.
  2. Fold over 1-2-inch section along the top. Optional to steam or iron along this fold.
  3. Tie loosely around your pets neck.

DIY Cat Knot

  1. Cut a t-shirt or multiple so you have a variety of colors into 6 strips that are 8x2 inches.
  2. Put the 6 strips on top of each other and tie into a knot.

We encourage you to be active with your pets, enjoy nature and keep a 6-foot distance from others. Bring your dogs to check out our four different dog parks.