The Fargo Park District Foundation Matching Grant Program is intended to encourage partnerships between the Fargo Park District Foundation and organizations throughout the community by providing means to sponsor projects with the Fargo Park District. The purpose of the program is to advance recreational opportunities in the City of Fargo.


Who can apply: Associations, organizations, clubs, or individuals in the Fargo Park District who are interested in applying for a grant to sponsor a project may apply.  Projects must be facility improvements and may include the purchase of recreation equipment.

School District Property: Projects on Fargo or West Fargo School District property must have a letter of support from the respective School District. Projects on School District property must have a three-way dollar for dollar match with the School District, School PTO and Fargo Park District.

Applications: Applications can be obtained at the Fargo Park District offices at the Depot, 701 Main Avenue Fargo, ND 58102 or by emailing a request to

Application Deadlines: Applications are accepted twice per year. Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on January 1 and July 1.  If these dates fall on a weekend, applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm the following Monday.

Funds Available: The Fargo Park Board determines how many funds, if any, are available each budget year for matching funds and may change or make exceptions to the amount at any time. 

Application Review: Applications are reviewed by the Fargo Park District Foundation Board and staff who make recommendations to the Fargo Park Board for final approval.

Application Approval/Denial: Letters are sent to all applicants, indicating the approval or denial of grant money. For those approved, an agreement is sent to the successful project sponsors, which states the provisions of the grant funds.

Funding: Projects are funded at no more than 50 percent of the total estimated cost, or up to a maximum of $15,000, whichever is less. The Matching Grant Program provides a dollar-for-dollar match. The program does not consider matching funds for projects with in-kind expenses. The Fargo Park Board, at its discretion, may approve funding proposals of more than $15,000.  The minimum project size for this program is $2,500.

School Project Funding: Projects on School District property are funded up to 33 1/3 % or $15,000, whichever is less.

Project Sponsor Certification: The project sponsor must certify that they have the necessary funds for their share of the total estimated project’s cost.

Greatest Consideration: Projects that receive the greatest consideration are:

  • Projects that fit into the Fargo Park District’s strategic plan, mission and vision.
  • Projects that serve a wide variety of people or large number of people, rather than to projects serving a limited group.
  • Projects that can be used throughout the year -- more than one season.
  • Projects that have a developmental plan approved or reviewed by Fargo Park District.
  • Projects that are on Park District property.
  • Projects with limited operational maintenance costs over an extended time period.
  • Playground projects must comply with current playground standards and guidelines. Playgrounds that include a ramp with an accessible route will receive the highest consideration.

No Consideration: Projects that do NOT receive consideration for funding:

  • Projects on private property as fixed improvements that are not open to the public.
  • Personnel, operations, consultants.
  • Projects that have begun before grant approval.
  • Projects that use in-kind expenses as a match for grant application.
  • Any clothing or uniforms.

Project Completion: Approved projects must be completed in the year in which they are awarded, unless prior other arrangements have been made.

Initial Project Review: Prior to submission and deadline, Brian Arett, Foundation Director, must be contacted at 701-356-1420 to conduct an initial project review to make sure project meets minimum specifications.

Recognition of Matching Grant: Approved projects must have a recognition plaque, dedication, or some other recognition signifying the project is part of the Fargo Park District Foundation Matching Grant Program.

Administration and Accounting: Administration and accounting procedures are determined by agreement with approved parties. All approved projects on Park District property must follow Park District purchasing guidelines, local ordinances and state laws.  Upon completion of the projects on Park District property, Fargo Park District assumes ownership of the improvement or equipment, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.


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