The Fargo Park District is seeking evergreen trees to be donated for display at the Depot downtown and Santa’s Village at Rheault Farm. The trees will be put into place the week before Thanksgiving and displayed through the New Year for the entire Fargo-Moorhead community to enjoy.
The trees should be a minimum of 20’ tall and in good form and health. The Fargo Park District will remove the trees if they are located in the front yard of a property or easily accessible by heavy equipment. The surrounding area must also be void of overhead obstacles such as other trees, powerlines, telephone poles, etc. The remainder of the tree will be removed, and the stump will be ground free of charge by the Fargo Park District.
If you are interested in adding to the festivity while contributing to a great cause by donating a tree, contact Fargo Park District Forester Sam DeMarais by email at before October 12, 2018.