Fraud: A dishonest and intentional course of action that results in obtaining money, property or an advantage to which the individual committing the action would not normally be entitled. Waste The needless, careless or extravagant expenditure of funds, incurring of unnecessary expenses or misuse of Park District resources or property. AbuseThe intentional wrongful or improper use of Park District resources that can include the excessive or improper use of one's position, in a manner contrary to its rightful or legally intended use.

You CAN Make a difference!

We encourage you to report:

    • Theft or Fraud of Park District property or cash
    • Misuse of Park District property or cash
    • Fraudulent travel or other reimbursement claims
    • False reporting of hours worked
    • Abuse of authority
    • Creating or ignoring safety hazards
    • Whistleblower reprisals
    • Violations of the Park District personnel policies
    • Other suspected fraud, waste or abuse
    • Vague allegations may not be able to be substantiated!
    • Who
    • When
    • What
    • Why
    • Where
    • How
    • Proof
    • Witnesses

Tips can be made anonymously Submit your tip electronically using the ONLINE FORMOR Mail your tip to the address below omitting your name. If you chose to remain anonymous, be assured that your complaint will receive the same attention as all tips we receive. As we have no way of tracing the source of anonymous tips, status reports cannot be provided on tips submitted anonymously. This Fraud Tipline extends only to the Fargo Park District govenmental resources and activities.

Ways to Report Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

Submit your tip electronically. All tips submitted are printed and purged from the system prior to being read. Mail your tip to: Fargo Park District Attn: TIPLINE 701 Main Avenue Fargo, ND 58103 All tips will be sent to a third party for review. All tips will be forwarded to the Executive Director, except reports that might indicate the Executive Director. Reports that indicate the Executive Director will be sent to the President of the Park Board and not to the Executive Director for review.