One of Fargo's nature parks, Orchard Glen Park is a community orchard for everyone to enjoy. The natural setting is a popular backdrop for photographers year-round featuring beautiful blooms in the spring, vegetation in the summer, vibrant colors in the fall and frosty winter scenes. 

Orchard Glen Park Map and Tree Variety 

Orchard Glen Park Fruit Harvest Guidelines

The fruit produced by the orchard is open to members of the public to be harvested. We encourage community members visiting the orchard to bring an apple or fruit picker to harvest the fruit. These guidelines need to be kept in mind while harvesting:

  1. Harvest fruit when it is in season*
  2. The fruit that is harvested is for personal use only. Businesses, wineries, breweries, etc. are prohibited from profiting off the orchard fruit.
  3. Do not damage tree(s) while harvesting. Any unnecessary damage to the tree(s) is assessed by the Park Forester on an individual basis. 


  • All of July: Cherries
  • All of August: Pears
  • August-September: Plums
  • Late August-October: Apples