Grab your detective kit and search for clues in the park!

Parks To Go is designed to provide a fun event experience with social distancing in mind. Parks To Go is scheduled from 1:00-3:00 pm on June 25 at Lindenwood Park. Come find us at Lindenwood Park's main shelter to receive supplies to start your parkwide scavenger hunt! Solve all your clues by 3:00 pm to receive a prize.

Families are encouraged to walk up and grab a detective themed pack with instructions for an on-your-own Lindenwood Park scavenger hunt at the main shelter in Lindenwood Park between that time. There are 100 packs available. Activities are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, until supplies last.  

To provide a fun experience, the event is designed with social distancing practices in mind. Every effort is being made to limit contact points and to ensure that everyone adheres to the recommended 6 feet spacing. Once activities are picked up, participants are encouraged to venture into Lindenwood Park to find clues and complete their scavenger hunt.

For families who cannot attend the event, you can complete the scavenger hunt anytime through June 29.  Here is the information you will need:

Helpful Hint *the first clue can be found on the side of the Main Shelter in Lindenwood! 

Parks to Go is a free event for the entire community to enjoy.