Frozen Business ShowdownGet your coworkers out of hibernation for a series of competitive events to promote physical fitness and friendly competition in the business community. Teams battle for points in these all-new winter activities with a twist!. The Frozen Business Showdown includes an eight-game competition to test your team's physical, mental, and teamwork skills. Bragging rights are on the line... does your organization have what it takes?

Cost: $150 per team (up to 15 on a team, all players must be 18+)

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Event Details:

The Frozen Business Showdown takes place on the afternoon of Friday, January 24 at Edgewood Public Golf Course.

Teams compete in the following eight challenges plus a culminating challenge:

  • Cupside Down: A fast-paced competition for stand up players
  • Frozen Forms: Test your spatial awareness in this giant version of a schoolroom favorite
  • Hat Trick: Beat the clock in this take on Extreme Cornhole
  • Human Curling: The game where you get to be the stone
  • Ice Pool: Life-sized billiards played on a sheet of ice
  • Labyrinth: Teams must work together to find their way through the maze
  • Tug-of-Winter: Tug-of-War... but on ice
  • Yukigassen: Our take on the Japanese snowball fight game sweeping the globe

For full rules and details, click here.

This event is an official part of Frostival, a community-wide celebration of how the Fargo-Moorhead Community makes cold cool. For more information regarding the event and a complete listing of events, visit

Official Event of Frostival