Fargo Pond HockeyThe Fargo Pond Hockey Classic showcases the game the way nature intended it to be played... on the ponds! The annual tournament features multiple rinks and a warming tent for those looking to escape the winter elements.

Due to ice conditions, Fargo Pond Hockey Classic is now being held at Lindenwood Park.

There are 3 different divisions to compete in, Novice, Silver, and Gold divisions. Participants can only play in one division. Each division has the same rules and is played at the same location. 

A team's roster can have up to 6 players, ages 18+. It is 3 on 3 play, no goalies and two 12 minute halves. The tournament is over two weekends depending on the division.

Fargo Pond HockeyThe Novice division tournament is February 8-9.  This division is non-competitive play, meaning no high school experience. Click here to register.

The Silver division tournament is February 15-16. This division is recreational play, meaning players have up to high school experience. Click here to register.

The Gold division tournament is February 15-16. This division is competitive play, meaning players have up to college level experience. Click here to register.

For official rules and regulations, click here.