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Broadway Square is curating a talented collection of local artists to showcase their unique creations at Spring Makers Market.

The inaugural Spring Makers Market will showcase artisan vendors selling their range of wares including graphic design, literary arts, photographs, woodwork, snacks and more. There will be a food truck on-site selling tasty Mexican food at The Square during this event, accordion music provided by the talented Aimee Klein and Broadway Square is setting up a merchandise table, as well.

Vendors include: 
E. Moore Art Studio
Hello, Lucy
Emily V. Poetics, etc.
Old Tyme Kettle Korn
Prairie Cakes & Botanicals
Antojitos Don Bigotes

This event is free and open to the public.
Masks are encouraged, except when actively eating and drinking, and social distancing efforts are encouraged.

Spring Makers Market Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in Broadway Square’s inaugural Spring Makers Market.
As we get our Spring Maker' Market up and running this first year, we are accepting 20 artisan vendors. All booths/stations are required to have the creator of the goods present for the duration of the event. This event is all about the Makers and we want attendees to be able to meet the artists and hear about the creative process involved in the product. 

Vendors in any of the following categories are welcome:

  • Apparel
  • Food (Packaged for home consumption, not concessions)
  • Glass/Porcelain
  • Graphics/Photography
  • Jewelry
  • Literary arts
  • Natural products
  • Painting
  • Pottery/Ceramics
  • Sculptures/Metalwork
  • Textile/Fiber arts
  • Woodwork Decorative

Applications may be submitted online here.
Vendors should be prepared with the following information prior to beginning the online application:

  • Business contact information
  • Social media profiles, website url and logo (if applicable)
  • ND Sales Tax Permit Number (if applicable)
  • The category of product you are submitting to sell
  • Four digital images depicting your product, the process of creation and booth display plan

Please review the Vendor Guidelines below prior to completing your application. Submission of your application constitutes agreement to abide by all guidelines.

Upon completing your online application, you will receive confirmation that we successfully received your application. In order to finish the application process, you must then submit your payment for the booth space and your insurance documentation to be eligible for consideration into the Spring Makers' Market.

Please note that masks are required and social distancing efforts is encouraged at this event.

Application Process 

Those wishing to participate in the Spring Makers Market must complete an application form, provide valid insurance documentation and make the appropriate vendor payments before their application will be considered complete.

All applications and products are additionally reviewed before being accepted into the show in an effort to offer a well-balanced and family friendly product offering with vendor setups that work with the space and resources Broadway Square has to offer.

Accepted applicants are notified regarding approval/denial via email. 

Only handcrafted work with a creator able to commit to being present at the event will be considered for entry into the show.  

Apply now to be a Spring Makers Market Vendor.

  • All application materials are due by 11:59 pm on April 25, 2021.  
  • Applications submitted after April 25 may be accepted upon review provided space is available and there is need for additional vendor variety. 
  • Application decisions are sent on May 3, 2021.  
  • Electronic submission of application is required.

Please be aware that before your application will be considered complete you must:

  • Complete the electronic application
  • Submit a copy of your Certificate of Insurance by either:
    • Emailing it to or
    • Mailing a copy to: Broadway Square; Attn: Spring Makers Market; 203 Broadway N.; Fargo, ND 58102
  • Submit your payment for the booth space and setup requested ($75 - $150). This can be completed either:
    • Online through our registration system or
    • By mailing a check to:  Broadway Square; Attn: Spring Makers Market; 203 Broadway N.; Fargo, ND 58102
      • Please note:
        • Checks will be cashed upon receipt
        • Applicants who are not admitted into the Spring Makers Market will receive a full refund
        • Should an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic necessitate cancelling the 2021 Spring Makers Market, vendors will be able to receive a refund of all fees paid.

Incomplete applications will not be eligible to be reviewed for entry into the show.

Our desire is to balance the product included in the market. We require four (4) photos to be submitted showcasing your work, the production process and your anticipated packaging/presentation. Work submitted for consideration should be unique. We reserve the right to accept part of an artist’s work in the show but not all of the work.

Again, the deadline for submission of applications, COI and payment is 11:59 PM on April 25, 2021. Applications received after that time will be considered in the order they are received, space permitting. 

Timeline & Deadlines

April 25, 2021 by 11:59 PM – Vendor Applications Due (including payment and COI)

May 3, 2021 – Vendors notified of acceptance.

May 7, 2021 – Vendors must confirm acceptance and plans to attend.

May 14, 2021 – All Spring Makers Market vendors confirmed and notified.

May 17, 2021 – Vendor Booth Space Layout shared with vendors.

May 22, 2021 from 8:00 - 10:00 am – Event Load-in/Setup

May 22, 2021 from 10:00 am-5:00 pm – Spring Makers Market event

May 22, 2021 from 5:00-6:00 pm – Event Load-out/Strike

The following rules govern the operation, administration and management of Broadway Square's Spring Makers Market. Broadway Square and the Fargo Park District implement and enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the event. Broadway Square may change, delete or modify the event rules and regulations at any time, and take any reasonable action to enforce them after notification of changes to all vendors.  

Event Contact Information 

  • Email:
  • Website:  
  • Address: 203 Broadway N.; Fargo, ND 58102  

The Spring Makers Market is located in the heart of downtown Fargo. Its purpose is to support and amplify the voices and handcrafted products of our local craftspeople. We encourage our vendors to bring a variety of art mediums to the Spring Makers Market, including jewelry, woodwork, photography, clothing, food items and more.

This event is free and open to the public.
Masks are required and social distancing efforts are encouraged.

Acceptance into the Spring Makers' Market is based on, but not limited to:  

  • Submission of all requested application materials,
  • Compliance with event guidelines and permit and license requirements for the sale of the applicant’s products,  
  • An understanding of and adherence to the Broadway Square and Spring Makers Market missions,  
  • Products that are unique, family friendly and hand crafted by the vendor. Vendor/Artist/Creator must be present for the duration of the event. 
  • Space availability and necessary resources available for the event.

All vendors must abide by all applicable federal, state and local health regulations and laws in preparation, labeling and safety of the product(s) s/he brings to the Spring Makers Market. 

All permits and licenses required by Cass County, the State of North Dakota or the Federal Government are the sole responsibility of the vendors.  

Any required sales tax collections and remittances are the sole responsibility of the vendors. Sellers of crafts, art and ready to eat food items must follow North Dakota sales tax procedures and provide proper documentation to the Spring Makers Market. 

All vendors must provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance. 

Insurance forms must: 

  • Have a statement of at least $1,000,000.00 general liability coverage, 
  • Have the Fargo Park District and Block 9 Plaza listed as “additional insured,”  
  • Must have the insurance coverage for the event date (May 22, 2021).  

*Please note a certificate holder is not the same as an additional insured and a policy declaration is not the same as a Certificate of Liability.

Click here to see an example insurance certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Spring Makers Market Insurance Requirements 

Why do I have to have Commercial General Liability coverage? 

  • As a business owner that sells items, products or services for a profit, you should have the proper coverage in case you have a claim due to your business operations. Homeowners Insurance alone does not properly cover business activities.   

Does my homeowner's insurance provide the coverage you require at the show? 

  • No, Homeowner's Insurance alone does not properly cover business activities. That is why we are not accepting Certificates of Insurance listing a Homeowners Insurance policy.    

What if I have a business endorsement on my homeowner's insurance? 

  • If the applicant(s) have a Business Endorsement on their Homeowners Insurance policy, a copy of the endorsement must be sent for review before the Certificate of Insurance are accepted as proper proof. The Fargo Park District's insurance representative provides the final opinion. 

Do I need to list the Fargo Park District and Block 9 Partners as Additional Insured? 

  • Yes, the Additional Insured requirement remains. Proof of this requirement must be represented on the Certificate of Insurance in the coverage section of the certificate, in the 2nd to the left-hand column titled “Add’l Insrd”. We also request that the show title and dates be listed in the last box titled “Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles/Exclusions added by Endorsement/Special Provision”. The Fargo Park District should also be listed as Certificate Holder. ALL of these requirements must be met in order for the Certificate to be accepted as meeting the requirements. The Fargo Park District cannot be listed only in the Certificate Holder box without the other two requirements.   

What if my Insurance Company or Policy cannot provide the Additional Insured coverage that is requested? 

  • The show applicant decides if they want to pursue another insurance policy or if they want to decline the opportunity of participating in the Spring Makers Market. Refunds are not given after May 14 of show year, based on the vendor or insurance agency’s choosing not to acquire the requested Certificate with Endorsements.  

Why do I need to list the Fargo Park District and Block 9 Plaza as Additional Insured? 

  • The Additional Insured endorsement extends the vendor's insurance coverage to the location of the site you are doing business. The Additional Insured acquires limited protection and defense coverage up to the limits in your policy for a lawsuit alleging negligence. Your policy would pay on behalf of the Fargo Park District and Block 9 Plaza, as well as your behalf, when your acts, or omissions, or the acts or omissions of those acting on your behalf are the sole, or partial cause of “bodily injury,” “property damage,” and “personal and advertising injury” as defined in the policy. All of this protection is subject to the terms and conditions of your policy and must be in connection with your operations, or in connection with the premises you own or lease. Since you are leasing a space at the Spring Makers Market to operate your business, the Fargo Park District and Block 9 Plaza are requesting this endorsement for the limited day of the show. 

Who do I contact with questions? 

  • Vendors and Insurance Professionals are encouraged to contact Broadway Square Management to clarify any of the application requirements before a full application to the show is made.  Contact Ana Rusness-Petersen by email.

Eligible Products 

  • Vendor-made crafts and artwork  
  • Vendor-made health and body care products  
  • Home-Processed, Home-Canned and Home-Baked foods 

The following may not be sold without a license: fish, dairy, poultry and meat products which include smoked fish, butter, milk and jerky, and potentially hazardous products such flavored oils. 

Prohibited Products 

  • Resale and direct marketing 
  • Live birds or live animals  
  • Products purchased by a seller that have not been approved by Fargo Cass Environmental Health Division (sodas, water, coffee and tea)  
  • Products processed and sold under a brand name other than the vendors are not allowed. 
  • Certain home-processed or home-canned foods, such as home-canned fish, pickled eggs and home-canned meat  
  • Other:  
    • Political propaganda 
    • Franchise and direct sales business  
    • Electronics and related accessories  
    • Any products or items deemed inappropriate by Broadway Square Management 

Food Samples 

Vendor food samples must be prepared/presented in a safe and sanitary manner. The vendor must provide a trash receptacle for the disposal of any sampling materials, such as cups, utensils or toothpicks at their booth. 

Daily Operations & Set Up

  • Vendors can set up their booths starting at 8:00 am on the day of the Spring Makers Market. 
  • The show begins exactly at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 22, 2021.
  • No sales are allowed before this time.  
  • Vendors must tear down between 5:00-6:00 pm on the day of the event.  
  • No early teardown is allowed for any vendor. 
  • Early teardown may result in not being allowed to return in the future. 
  • The show still goes on rain or shine. However, a decision to cancel, or delay the Spring Makers Market due to severe weather can be made by Broadway Square Management. 
  • Vendors are notified by email and cancellations are posted on the Spring Makers Market Facebook event page and the Broadway Square website to update the community and potential attendees.  

Booth Assignment  

  • Broadway Square Management assigns booth placement prior to the event date. It is the sole discretion of Broadway Square Management to determine the spaces and where the vendors are placed. Vendor locations may be changed (ideally in advance) at the discretion of Broadway Square Management. 

In making any determination in this regard Broadway Square Management considers the following: 

  • Vendor electricity needs 
  • Other special requests of vendors 

Please note: Broadway Square, the Fargo Park District and the Block 9 Plaza are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items prior, during or after the show. 

Cancellation Policy  

  • Vendors who cannot attend the Spring Makers Market after completing the acceptance process must contact Broadway Square Management at least 1 week prior to the Spring Makers Market event (by May 14, 2021) to inform event producers. Violators are reconsidered for placement in following years. 
  • To be eligible to receive a refund of fees, vendors must notify Broadway Square Management of their cancellation in writing by May 14, 2021. Notices received after that point forfeit all registration fees. 
  • These cancellation policies may be modified based on on-going health guidelines.   

Vendor Practices  

We ask that you do not use aggressive sales tactics with the Spring Makers Market attendees. Each vendor is designated a set space for your setup and we do not tolerate the hustling of any attendees. We want to show the community the creative and unique pieces each vendor makes and create a welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment that creates event success and enjoyment for all. 

  • The Spring Makers Market does not enforce a pricing policy, but vendors should price products at fair market value and not undercut other vendors at the event.  
  • All vendors should represent themselves in an appropriate manner, dress and state of cleanliness. Shirt, shoes and mask must be worn at all times. 
  • Neither the vendor nor their representatives may be impaired by alcohol, marijuana or any illegal substances at any time while in the park's premises. This includes our no smoking policy (including electronic cigarettes and vaping products).
  • All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices.
  • In alignment with the best health/food safety practices, vendors are not to bring animals if they are selling food products. Broadway Square Management reserves the right to ask the owner of an animal to leave.  
  • Vendors can have animals at their booth if they are not a distraction to other booths around you. 
  • Vendors must follow leash ordinances at all times 
  • Broadway Square and the Spring Makers Market are committed to maintaining an environment of respect, tolerance, inclusion and empathy. In keeping with this commitment, we do not tolerate unlawful harassment of our employees, vendors or guests at the show. Harassment of any sort, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based on a person’s race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or disability is not allowed. 


Vendors may register to receive a space and setup of their choice including: 

  • an 8' table (and roughly 8' by 10' space, no canopy space) - $75 vendor fee 
  • a 10’ by 10’ space (bring own canopy and table) - $100 vendor fee 
  • a 10’ by 10’ space (bring own canopy, we provide table) - $125 vendor fee 
  • a 10’ by 10’ space with canopy and table preset - $150 vendor fee 

Load-In and Load-Out

Vendors are not allowed to have personal vehicles driven onto/into Broadway Square. Vendors are responsible for transporting all products by foot, cart or dolly into the park. 

Nearby parking is available in the Block 9 Parking Garage, which offers free parking nights and weekends. The Parking Garage is ADA accessible, offers elevator access to all levels and provides quick, convenient and flat-surface access to Broadway Square for carts and dollies.


  • Broadway Square has a decent amount of electricity sources, if requested in advance, so those needs can be taken into consideration during the planning of vendor placement. 
  • Vendors requiring electricity are encouraged to consider and plan accordingly regarding their extension cord needs, as Broadway Square will not have extras on hand. (Commercial grade outdoor extension cords are advised.) 
  • Broadway Square Management reserves the right to ask vendors to discontinue the use of any generator should it become a source of contention.  

Materials to Bring

  • Vendors are responsible for providing all items needed for their display.  
    • Booth Items to Bring:  
      • Canopy (10x10 E-Z Up tent or something similar) 
      • Canopy weights minimum 25 pounds per tent leg (canopies may not be staked into the ground) 
      • Canopy Siding 
      • Table/Tablecloth 
      • Signage with business name and pricing  
    • Recommended Supplies:  
      • Paper bags 
      • Tape 
      • Scissors 
      • Pencils and paper 
      • Calculator
      • Business Cards
      • Method of processing credit card charges 
      • Enough change (Broadway Square is unable to provide change.)  
  • All displays must be neat, tasteful and family friendly. All properties of the vendor must be contained in the designated space. “Hawking” (calling attention to your products in a loud, repetitive manner) is not allowed.  
  • All vendors are required to post the prices of the products. 
  • All vendors must make certain the area is clean before leaving. Each vendor must remove all matter and debris from their area. Trash must be completely removed without regard to whether the litter originated in the vendor's area or not and must be disposed of at the designated trash dumpsters.  

The submission of the Vendor Application serves as the vendor’s agreement to abide by the rules of the event, enforced by Broadway Square Management. 

  • The 1st violation of the rules results in a verbal warning by Broadway Square Management and a co-signed acknowledgment of 1st warning. Documentation of the warning is kept on file. 
  • The 2nd violation of the rules can result in dismissal from the current and future Spring Makers Market event.  


  • Vendors are encouraged to use the Block 9 Parking Garage, with access off 5th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Parking in this Parking Garage is free nights and weekends, including the day of the Spring Makers Market.
  • Vendors should not park along 2nd Avenue between Broadway and 5th Street the day of the event, and the road will be closed to accommodate food trucks.  

Bathrooms & Water Fountains

  • Please note that there are public restrooms available at Broadway Square, although stall quantity is limited. 
  • Broadway Square does have a water bottle filling station available in the public restroom lobby. Users need to provide their own water bottle/beverage container.
  • Due to COVID precautions, the water fountains at Broadway Square are currently not active.


  • There is one ATM on-site, located inside the US Bank vestibule.

Vendor Feedback 

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this year’s show. All vendors receive a survey in their email within a week following the event. We appreciate any and all feedback.