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This images shows a graphic of Fitness at The Square.

BODYCOMBAT™, taught by YMCA instructors, is a no-contact fitness program where you learn to kick and punch. This class draws from a variety of martial arts like karate, tae kwon do, boxing, Capoeira, and kickboxing. Your instructor will lead you through this 30–45 minute workout, along with powerful music to keep you going.

BODYCOMBAT™ at The Square is a part of Broadway Square’s Fitness at The Square. Bring your completed Fitness at The Square waiver to save time before your workout.

Pay What You Can

While most fitness classes have registration fees, Broadway Square is trying something different to support its Fitness at The Square. We want to keep access to these classes affordable for all community members, and are therefore launching a Pay What You Can approach.

At the beginning or end of each Fitness at The Square session, attendees are encouraged to scan the QR code and contribute an amount, $5.00 is the suggested fee. All funds collected throughout the summer series go towards program costs, strengthening the Fitness at The Square program for next year, and helping it grow to a level of long-term sustainability. If you value these classes and outdoor fitness opportunities, please contribute to help keep them going.