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This image shows the graphic for Startup BREW held at Broadway Square on June 30.


StartupBREW Fargo is a weekly event on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am - 9:30am to learn, support and inspire. This morning meetup is for entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives and community members alike to come together and explore the entrepreneurial journey.

This event is built on the notion that entrepreneurs do better when they have access to each other and the greater community that supports them. Entrepreneurship is energized over brews - coffee, tea, beer or others. Connection over coffee has been at the center of energizing our community, which is where the name StartupBREW came from.

At the core, this event will place an emphasis on connection in the program by limiting individual speaking time and increasing conversation. This is practiced through Coffee Club, a time to connect before the event, as well as a 20-minute Q+A session with the audience towards the end of the program.

The speakers on June 30th will be: Connor McGovern, Able Games & Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux Foundation.

8:00 am - Coffee Club (time to drink coffee and connect)
8:30 am - Program Begins
9:30 am - Program Ends