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This image shows the logo for the Navy Band Great Lakes.

As part of Fargo Navy Week, the Navy Band Great Lakes "Side Boys" is performing at Broadway Square on Friday, July 23 from 6:00-7:00 pm.

This free, outdoor event includes a wide range of musical genres, from modern-day popular music to traditional New Orleans-style jazz. Bring blankets to relax on the Leisure Lawn or sit at one of The Square's cafe tables.

Additional Information

Since 2005, the Navy Week program has served as the Navy's principal outreach effort into areas of the country without a significant Navy presence, with 250 Navy Weeks held in 80 different U.S. cities. The program is designed to help Americans understand that their Navy is deployed around the world, around the clock, ready to defend America at all times. Navy Weeks focus a variety of outreach assets, equipment and personnel in a single city for a week-long series of engagements with key influencers and organizations representing all sectors of the market. 75-100 outreach events are coordinated during a Navy Week with corporate, civic, government, education, media, veterans, community service and diversity organizations within the host city.

  • "Side Boys" is an acoustic brass band ensemble which performs a wide range of musical genres, spanning from traditional New Orleans-style jazz to modern-day popular music, including, but not limited to, country, rock, jazz and blues. Under the direction of Unit Leader Musician First Class Christopher Bettler, "Side Boys" is the most versatile ensemble within Navy Band Great Lakes.
  • As the "Ambassadors to the Midwest," Navy Band Great Lakes' primary responsibility is supporting Navy outreach in an 11-state area, stretching from Michigan to Missouri, North Dakota to Kansas, and every Midwestern state in-between. All of the band's primary performing units embark on concert tours each year throughout the Midwest, allowing the band to reach out to audiences that do not have opportunities to see sailors on a regular basis. The concerts are patriotic, family-friendly events designed to be entertaining for young and old alike.