The Fargo Park District has multiple pool locations throughout the Fargo area. The three indoor pools located at the public high schools, Fargo North, South and Davies. The Park District also has five outdoor pools, Davies Recreational Pool, Island Park Pool, Madison Pool & Splash Pad, Northside Recreational Pool and Southwest Recreational Pool. Each pool has its own unique set of equipment and amenities that can be found on each pool page.

Pool Closing Dates/Times: 

Pools are closed for the season.

Thank you for your patronage this summer. 

For all pool passes, punch card and admission rates information please click here.

Pool passes will be mailed out approximately 1-2 weeks prior to pool opening. 

NOTE: We now take most debit/credit cards and Apple pay.

Swimming Lessons

The Fargo Park District holds various indoor and outdoor swimming lessons throughout the spring and summer. Preregistration is required for all swimming lessons. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. 

See all the swimming lessons offered here.

Weather Policy: The pools will be open and outdoor lessons held when the air temperature is 62 degrees and above.

Diaper Policy: All children who wear diapers are required to wear waterproof diapers at all Fargo Park District pools. This policy is for everyone's safety.

Food Policy: No outside food is allowed in the pool area. Concessions are available at Davies Recreational Pool, Island Park Pool, Northside Recreational Pool, and Southwest Recreational Pool.

Pool Rules: Rules are posted at each pool and here

End of Session Procedure:  Please note that all pools start clearing the pool 10 minutes prior to the facility closing.  For example:  If the pool facility closes at 8 PM for the evening session, our staff start clearing swimmers from the pool at 7:50 PM.

Dress Code Policy: For the aquatics dress code please click here.

Daycare Policy: The Fargo Park District provides lifeguards to ensure that all patrons are safe while swimming. Daycares are to provide supervisors to enforce rules and help discipline their children that misbehave. The Fargo Park District follows the Cass County Health Department daycare mandated child to adult ratios. 10 to 1 ratio for all school-age children (ages 5 and older) and 7 to 1 ratio if at least one child is younger than school age (age 5).

At least one half of daycare staff are required to enter the pool when the children they are supervising are in the pool, the other half must remain on deck to supervise the remaining children. If the majority of the children are swimming then the majority of the supervisors must be watching the children at the EDGE of the pool. During any breaks at the pool, the supervisors need to know where the children are at all times. If you see one of the lifeguards speaking to one of your children please send a supervisor over to see what happened. Please remember that the supervisors are role models for the children and they must follow the rules at ALL times and help enforce them as well.

*Please read through the pool rules with your children prior to coming to the pool.

Safety Policy: Lifejackets are mandatory for non-swimmers in the main pools at all locations (this policy does not include the wading pools at Island Park and Madison).The swim test will be administered to assess swimming ability and the classification of non-swimmers is at the lifeguard's discretion. Facility supplied life jackets are available on a first come first serve basis. For any further details or concerns please see the pool manager.  The swim test is designed for children who wish to swim in the deeper parts of the pools.  If a child stays in the designated zero depth area or wading pool they will not need to take a swim test.  However, if a child that was in the zero depth shallower area of a pool and then drifts into the deeper part of the pool that child will need to be swim tested. 

Open Swim

The Fargo Park Districts offers open swim during winter months at the Fargo South Indoor Pool on Saturday and Sundays from early December through late March. Open swim is offered most weekends.