Locations: Area Pools
Dates: Spring and Summer

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Fargo Park District Swimming Lessonsswim

Lessons during offered in the spring for ages 5-14.  Summer lessons are for ages 4-14.  Outdoor lessons are only available during the summer sessions.  Participants must be 5 years old to begin in level 1.

Outdoor lessons held when the air temp is 62 F and above. Please call the weather hotline, 298-6915 for cancellations.


FP Pre-level

This is a class for preschool children (ages 4-5) who are independent enough to participate in a swimming class without a parent but are not advanced enough for the large pool.  Participants will learn how to be safe around water and begin working on floating, arm and leg movements, and confidence in the water where they can touch.

FP Level 1

Students will continue building confidence by learning the basic swimming kicks and arm strokes (whip and flutter kicks, and the front and back crawl) with support from floatation devices and the instructor.

FP Level 2

Students will focus on practicing the skill sets learned in level one and build the confidence to complete the skills without support from the instructor and/or floatation devices.

FP Level 3

Students will begin working on their swimming endurance along with more intermediate swimming skills such as the breaststroke and diving.

FP Level 4

Students will continue developing their swimming endurance and begin working on more advanced swimming strokes, such as the side stroke and butterfly. Basic life saving practices, such as a reach-throw technique, will be introduced that focus specifically on staying safe around pools, lakes, and rivers.

FP Level 5

Students will continue to work on their basic, intermediate, and advanced swimming strokes, focusing on endurance, refinement, and mastery. Various forms of diving, such as suface dives and diving from the starting blocks, will be introduced.

 FP Level 6/pre-lifeguarding

Students will continue to develop their swimming endurance and begin learning intermediate life-saving skills. Pre-lifeguarding skills will be taught in order to prepare students to be good babysitters/nannies and/or future lifeguards. This level will be a benefit to any student who spends time around water during the summer months and will ensure students are prepared to pass the water skills requirements for lifeguarding certifications. 

To register, the following procedure will be used:

1. Anyone may register immediately for any ONE session of swimming lessons.
2. To sign up for an additional session, you must wait until the session that you are currently in has ended, allowing you to register for the next appropriate level. This will also allow everyone the opportunity to register and participate in at least one session.
3. Click here availability of lessons.

  • All lessons will have a six to one student to teacher ratio.

  • Spring indoor sessions meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 10 sessions..
  • Summer indoor and outdoor sessions meet 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) for two weeks.

Due to possible inclement weather, make-ups may be needed for outdoor lessons. The make-ups would be scheduled for the week after the scheduled session ends.

Life Guard Certification

American Red Cross Certified Life Guard courses are available in the spring.

Life Guard Challenge

A Life Guard Challenge course will be offered in spring for individuals who are currently American Red Cross Certified and wish to extend their certification for three years.

Water Safety Instructor Course

A Water Safety Instructor course is available in the spring.