All Outdoor Skating Rinks and Warming Housesare closed for the season. 

Regular Warming House Hours:      Downtown on Ice Hours:  
Monday-Friday  3:30-8:00 pm     Monday-Friday   5:00-9:00 pm 
Saturday-Sunday 12:00-8:00 pm   Saturday-Sunday 1:00-9:00 pm

All warming houses are available to rent Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am-12:00 pm during the season. Clara Barton loft is available to rent between 10:00 am-8:00 pm. For rental rates and reservations call 701-499-6091.

Outdoor Rinks are open December - February 28, 2017 - weather permitting. Hours are subject to change according to weather conditions.  Warming Houses will close earlier than scheduled in the evenings if the temperatures reach -10 degrees or colder or wind chills at -30 or greater.   

Outdoor skating rinks and warming houses are located throughout the city. All rinks have a hockey rink and a free skating rink.